Ittle Dew Review

Ittle Dew is a weird little thing. From a group called Ludocity, it’s just a quirky Zelda-like that tries and captures what made the 2D Zeldas so special. There are a lot of Zelda-likes out there, but I think Ittle…

Alex Talks is Back!

I’ve been doing this little video thing of me sitting in front of a camera and going at it like an angry nerd on the internet. It’s been a really long time since I did one of these, (technically four…

The Walking Dead: 400 Days Review

Season One of Telltale’s The Walking Dead was an interesting case. Just when everyone was about to give up on episodic-based games, and adventure games in general, Telltale came at us with something that literally blew everyone out of the…

IrrationalPod Ep. 138

Very sorry that we are a tad late, but it’s still a good show. Three man with a longtime listener and podcaster guest on!

IrrationalPod Ep. 137

Alex is away, so the crazy kids will play. Enjoy this (mostly) Alex-free episode while he parties at IGN!

IrrationalPod Ep. 136

Yes, I know this show is 2 weeks late, I am very sorry about that. It was a combination of not getting audio files up for me to edit and me flying off to San Francisco for 4 days. Anyway,…

IrrationalPod Ep. 135

We have Geoff & Joe on this week for a special, EXTRA LONG, party show.

A Good Friend is Gone, Ryan Davis

Ryan Davis, founder of, host of the GiantBombcast, and ever-smiling funny man, has passed away.

Monthly Passions: June

The crew has a varied list from masterpieces to simulators that will take all of your time.

The Last of Us Review

The Last of Us is Naughty Dog’s best game. Not only that, but in my opinion, it is the best game on PS3, the best story told in gaming (so far) and a literal achievement in games as far as…