IrrationalPod Ep. 156

The latest of all holiday shows!

The Games That Keep on Giving

No matter the console you’re deciding to play with this Thanksgiving, let’s put aside the console wars to appreciate games that gave us a little bit more bang for our buck.

The Best of a Generation: Cross-Platform

We look at some of the best games from the past eight years.

Why Crash Bandicoot Would Be Good for the PS4

Crash Bandicoot is a name synonymous with my childhood. To many Playstation fans, Crash Bandicoot was actually the first mascot for Sony during the early days of the Playstation.

Are Games Announced Too Early?

Why are games announced so early, only to be delayed?


Next-Gen isn’t near, it’s here.

The Best of a Generation: Xbox 360

Let’s talk about some of the best Xbox 360 games released to date.

IrrationalPod Ep. 155

Never stop… loving video games, even for the next generation! Which is HERE!

Resogun Review

Resogun may be the PS4’s best launch title. Everything about it just explodes with fun, and every moment I haven’t spent playing it, I’ve been thinking about the scores I need to beat on my PSN friend’s list. A simple…

Contrast Review

Contrast is one of those puzzle platformers that relies quite heavily on its gimmick. In fact, its gimmick is one of the only good things Contrast has going for it. The game has you controlling the character Dawn, who appears…

MaliciousPodX Ep. 6

We are back with some School Rumble action!

How to Survive Review

Survival horror is one of those genres that has lost itself over time. Where’s the tension? Where’s the desperation? Most of the genres flagships have embraced third person shooting  and explosions as the new things-that-go-bump-in-the-night. Allow 505’s How to Survive…