Zack’s Top 10 of 2013

Before you go crazy from looking at my list, keep in mind it is uncanny to say the least. A man can’t help but love what he loves and my list for 2013’s best games makes that very evident. Although…

Greg Blaney’s Top 10 of 2013

Our very own Greg Blaney is ready to spill the beans on his favorite games of 2013.

Joel Loynds’ Top 10 of 2013

We have our special British guest from the Bioshock Infinite spoilercast on to talk about his absolute favorite games from 2013.

Aneudys Top 10 of 2013

Yes, that is the Tim Shafer of Double Fine. Best day ever, moving on. 2013 brought us many fantastic games of both AAA and indie. 2013 also brought a lot of real life situations. Working two jobs, rent, and bills…

Justin’s Top 10 Games of 2013

Yes, it’s time for THE Sigma Omega to share his favorite games of 2013.

Brian “Nabeshin” Jackson’s Top 10 of 2013

Nabeshin loves his goddamn crazy games and stupid moments.

The Walking Dead: Season Two Episode 1- All That Remains Review

Telltale is a company synonymous with tension and drama; they have no problem taking their narrative to dark, dangerous places, and their characters through many levels of hell. All That Remains should be considered by fans of the first season…

Nintendo Directs for 2014

Nintendo has been on the upswing in terms of great games, Super Mario 3D World and Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, not to mention a price drop on the Wii U which comes in extraordinary bundles. Next year looks to…

IrrationalPod Ep. 158

Get excited for our special guest: Jason Oestreicher!

Dead Rising 3 Review

In light of the heated debate between the Xbox One and PS4, the launch line ups weren’t anything to really go crazy about since titles that like Infamous: Second Son and Titanfall aren’t to be released until their respective dates…

Darkout Review

Darkout is a 2D side-scrolling survival game with procedurally generated worlds much akin to Terraria and Starbound. Darkout begins with the player crash landing on a mysterious and hostile planet,  you are left to salvage what you can from your…

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Review

My fifteen-or-so hours with A Link Between Worlds was a purely joyous experience, and I can’t explain to you how massive the smile on my face was when just taking in this game and what it has to offer. The…