IrrationalPod Ep. 278 with Jarrett Green

Jarrett is here, so you know we talk wrestling at some point. We’re sorry.

IrrationalPod Ep. 277 with Justin Graffius

Justin joins us for a hot new train wreck.

Feature: Uncharted Feelings– An Uncharted 4 Critique

The Uncharted series and I have such a weird relationship. Let’s call it, tenuous, but not necessarily in a bad way. I’ve just never been super attached to it. Or at least, that’s what I thought. In fact, I think…

The Monthly Passions Podcast: April 2016

More monthly. More Passions. More podcasts.

Flint Hook Preview: You Had me at “Hook”

Metroid + Pirates = buccaneering adventures.

IrrationalPod Ep. 276

Two men, one podcast.

Capcom Pro Tour 2016: May Roundup

Let’s round up these past few BIG events!

IrrationalPod Ep. 275

No Roger this time around, but we have a lot to say about fork-stabbing.

Mages of Mystralia Preview: Magic Makers

A game where you solve puzzles and make your own spells? Well, how fast can we break this.