IrrationalPod Ep. 287 with Ben Riddick

Ben Riddick is here so you know it’ll be Riddickulous.

Opinion: A Game’s Greatest Weakness

New contributor Elliott discusses the biggest fault in the video games industry.

IrrationalPod Ep. 286 with Andrew Taylor

Andrew is here. Pokémon is here. The world as we know it is over.

Capcom Pro Tour 2016: July Roundup

Just a week late, but here is the round up to July!

Opinion: Twilit Ghost Town

Twilight Princess suffers from a really extreme problem.

IrrationalPod Ep. 285 with Alex Van Aken

Alex Van Aken joins us to—OH GOD POKÉMON GO IS OUT!!!

The Monthly Passions Podcast: June 2016
Welcome back to the Monthly Passions Podcast. This month, Jarrett (@Jarrettjawn) sits down with five guests, some new, some returning, and asks one very important question. "If 2016 ended on June 30th, what would your Game of the Year be?"…
IrrationalPod Ep. 284

Six years later and I think we still secretly hate each other.