PAX East Follow Ups: Flint Hook, Sundered, & Chasm

Alex makes the rounds on three of his most anticipated indie games coming this year.

IrrationalPod Ep. 321 with Dustin Furman

We dive all the way in on Zelda and Mass Effect with special guest: Dustin Furman!

RIOT: Civil Unrest Preview – Gimme Shelter

A game with heavy topics and a heavy approach.

IrrationalPod Ep. 320 with Cameron Abbott

Cameron jumps aboard the 320 train, so let’s talk Zelda, Horizon, and more!

Divinity Original Sin 2 Divine Intervention

Another very deep dive into the DnD RPG.

Ultimate Chicken Horse Preview: A Silly Multiplayer Classic.

Ultimate Chicken Horse is a frantic, absurd, and wonderful couch co-op game, that while not the deepest experience, is one that will provide countless hours of enjoyment and fun. This game is fun, challenging, and creative at it’s most basic…

Hob Preview: Going Back Underground

My second trip to Hob’s underground was even more interesting than the one before.

IrrationalPod Ep. 319: PAX East 2017

It’s PAX. Let’s party.

Songbringer Preview: Let’s Get Trippy

Eat some cactus, have some peyote, and let’s get weird.

My Memory of Us Preview: A stunning tale of war, loss, and love.
Juggler Games new title My Memory of Us is an important video game. Serving as a metaphor for the Polish populace's treatment and story during the Second World War, the game delivers an at times haunting and darkly brilliant tale,…
The Gardens Between Preview: Unexpected beauty.
The Gardens Between is not the game I walked into the booth expecting it to be. It is not Brothers or Journey or any of the countless classic indie titles featuring a wordless narrative. This game isn't a beautiful take…
Raid: World War 2 Preview: A PS2 shooter for 2017.

It’s almost like the PS2 is back.