Input Ep. 14 – Input Stories: Kyle Seeley (Emily is Away)

On this week’s very special episode of Input, Jurge and Logan sit down with the developer of Emily is Away and Emily is Away Too, Kyle Seeley. The conversation runs from Kyle’s journey into game development, the stories behind Emily…

Farm To Tower: The Future of Destiny 2

This week Alex is joined by just Cameron and Alex VA to talk about the future of Destiny 2, and it’s legacy so far.

IrrationalPod Ep. 350

It’s the big 350, and with everyone together, let’s talk about some recent releases! The Evil Within 2, Cuphead, and South Park the Fractured But Whole.

In Ghosts of Miami, Latino Characters Take Center Stage

Even though it was not my own generation, the pop-culture and colors of the 1980s have always fascinated me. It was those bright blues, hot pinks, and the backdrop of a 1986 Miami that first grabbed my attention when I…

Input Ep. 13: Visceral Games’ Demise and Naughty Dog’s Work Environment

Visceral Games is sadly no more. This leads the boys to a larger conversation on the state of linear, single player games within the industry. They then discuss the impact and weight of David Ballard’s allegations against Naughty Dog and…

IrrationalPod Ep. 349 with Moises Taveras

Oh it’s about to get wet and wild with these discussions in this episode.

Destiny 2 Review

To talk about Destiny 2 is to discuss the legacy, the evolution of what Bungie’s 2014 premiere title Destiny did, what it did wrong, and what it evolved into. Most importantly, Destiny became the game that I know, that most…

Hob Review

In the early scenes, a terrible misfortune falls on a nameless, silent humanoid adventurer. In an attempt to open a pathway, he is poisoned after touching a semi-organic and very hostile blight. His silent and stoic golem companion rushes to…

IrrationalPod Ep. 348 with Jon Ferguson

It’s about to be average beautiful in the world of Danganronpa and PlayStation if you know what I mean.

Another Lost Phone: Laura’s Story – Review

Early in January 2017, developer Accidental Queens released A Normal Lost Phone. It was a game that placed players in the position of finding someone’s lost smart phone and immersed them by emulating the interface of that same phone, complete with…

Input Ep.11 : Andrew House’s Legacy and Why Don’t We Support Game Devs?

Jurge sadly couldn’t make it on this week’s episode, but Jarrett and Logan soldiered on without him.