Input Ep. 23: The Year That Was 2017

It’s the end of the year! We here at Input are a news show, so we thought it would only be appropriate if we take a cursory glance at the news that made up 2017 and some of our favorite…

IrrationalPod Ep. 358: 2017 Holiday Special

Cuddle up by the fireside, grab some cocoa, and enjoy this holiday special!

Input Ep. 22: Steam’s Unchecked Regulatory Power, and Women in Games Development

Valve makes a questionable decision to take down an indie game with not explanation. Lucy “The Lion” O’Brien produces an opus-level editorial. Discussion Topics: Steam removes You Must Be 18 to Enter for no explained reason, and the internet speculates..…

Input Ep. 21: CryTek Sues Star Citizen Devs, Patreon Reverses Controversial Decision, and TGA

Some last minute news fills the docket for this week’s Input. Jarrett, Jurge, and Logan untangle the Crytek/CIG litigation, and try to put The Game Awards in context. Discussion Topics: Crytek sues CIG (of Star Citizen infamy) for breach of…

IrrationalPod Ep. 357: The Game Awards 2017

We reflect on “The Keighley’s” or, more aptly, The Game Awards 2017.

Input Ep. 20: Bitcoin’s future, Jon Tron Apologizes(Sorta), and Streaming UFC Fights.

It’s a two man show this week as Logan and Jarrett tackle the big news within the industry. Discussion Topics: Steam removes Bitcoin as an acceptable currency. Jon Tron addresses anti-immigration remarks. Twitch User pretends to play a UFC fight…

Possum Springs, USA

Let’s take a trip to Possum Springs.

Feature: Learned, Lost, & Pained in 1000 Days of Writing

Alex looks back on 1000 days of writing about video games.

IrrationalPod Ep. 356

Our pre-Game Awards show talks about our Game of the Year plans, and tons of video games!

The Persona 5 Spoilercast

We sit down and go in on Persona 5 in this reunion-style spoilercast!

Input Ep. 19: The NCGP, the collapse of Gazillion Games, and Epic Litigation.

The boys are all back together for an overstuffed episode of Input. Discussion Topics: What is the NCGP and is it real? The Rapid Collapse of Gazillion Games. Destiny 2 Vs. The World. Epic takes on a 14 year old…