Professor RPG – Xenoblade Chronicles 2 BLADE Basics

A new column from Scott White breaking down systems and history of your soon-to-be favorite RPGs.

IrrationalPod Ep. 367 with Joe Ruffler

Joe Ruffler joins the team to get into, what else: Kingdom Hearts.

Input Ep. 30 : Parkland, Gun Violence, and Are Video Games Too Violent?

On this week’s somber and important episode of Input, Jarrett and Logan discuss the shooting in Parkland, Florida and President Trumps suggestion that violent video games and movies may be to blame. Discussion Topics:  Parkland Shooting and Video Games are…

IrrationalPod Ep. 366

Monster Hunter and MMO love dominates IP366!

Trap Adventure 2 is Super Mario Brothers in the Black Lodge

Hiroyoshi Oshiba is a terrorist. We should be meeting in non-descript rooms and drawing up plans to raid the Japanese developer, take him into custody, and answer for the pain and suffering he’s been causing iOS users. Hiro takes glee…

Old Man’s Journey Review

The world of Old Man’s Journey is a work of beauty. As lovely as the finest paintings of Van Gogh, as drenched in the wonder and splendour of the world as any National Geographic photo, as richly vivid and vibrant…

Input Ep. 29: Dr. Disrespect, The Billy Mitchell Plot Thickens, and The Women of Atari Speak

This week turned out to be a big follow up week as we add new material to some previous stories we’ve discussed on the show. Topics of The Show: Report: Dr Disrespect Found to be Disrespectful Back Then Was Buckwild…

Games to Share on Valentine’s Day

Here are some fun games to play with your partner on Valentine’s day, or even by yourself regardless!

IrrationalPod Ep. 365 with Jessica Howard

Jessica Howard from KKGG joins us for an amazing podcast!

Monster Hunter World Video Review

Time to hunt in the new world.

Input Ep. 28: Billy Mitchell gets Konged, Kaz Hirai Leaves, and the Youtube Fight of the Century

Jurge sadly was absent from this weeks episode and Jarrett and Logan proceed to break all the rules and have an action packed joy ride of an episode. Discussion Topics: Billy Mitchell, King of Wrong Fake Real Beef When’s Mahvel?…

Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King Review

A Zelda-like adventure for the whole family to enjoy