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About Us

About Irrational Passions

Irrational Passions is just a group of game industry enthusiast and freelancers that eat, sleep, breath, and most importantly, play video games. We all love games, so much so it is a little crazy.

A website not so much for news, but reviews, opinion and well thought out ideas. We bring you our unique and one-track style as well as a great podcast for your enjoyment, which is always full of crazy antics, guest hosts, and segments you’ve never heard before.

The team at Irrational Passions is currently composed of podcasters, which varies from week to week, and past contributors to the site:

Podcast Hosts & Contributors

Alex O'Neill About me

Alexander O’Neill

Editor-in-Chief & Founder

Alex is the host on Irrational Passions Podcast, as well as the producer. He is pushing the site hard to get feedback on his writing, as he intends to continue into the industry as a video game critic. He is the founder to Irrational Passions and was the genesis to its creation, along with Evan and Scott.


Scott Guthier

Host / Co-founder

Scott is the head geek on the team, and is working his way into the programming world. He serves as the second host on the podcast, and takes the reins when Alex isn’t around. He has big plans of getting into game design after college, and will be making the games you’ll be playing.


Tony Horvath

Host / Writer

Tony is the sixth to join up with the Irrational Guys, joining up May 10th 2011, with Episode 43. If you want to know a bit about Tony, know that he used to love League of Legends, never plays his PS4, and thinks hard mode is the only way to play games. He loved Stardew Valley, Tales games, and thinks Bloodborne was the best game in 2015.


Brian jackson about me

Brian “Nabeshin” Jackson


Brian Jackson, aka Nabeshin, was a fan of the podcast who later became a full member. He is working to becoming the Japanese coverage of Irrational Passions by going to events and coverages in the Land of the Rising Sun. Known for his creative genius on the podcast, he self-appointed himself to help keep the podcast fresh by suggesting new segments and discussions to the show.


Billy Ramey

PR Host

Billy is more of a behind the scenes guy, responsible for PR and coordination with reviews on team Irrational Passions.


Greg Blaney


Greg is the host of Malicious Underground Podcast X, the anime podcast under the Irrational Passions banner. He is our resident anime nerd and fan, and has our backs when it comes to recording. He currently hosts and edits MUPX, helping post it on IP as well.


JC Remirez

Fight Game Columnist

Description coming soon.


Previous Hosts & Contributors

Evan Wall


Evan is a very special member of the team. He came to Alex with the intention of starting a podcast, and so Scott came in for the mix. He is a little goofy, can be childish, but he is serious about the gaming industry. Along with Scott, Evan will be designing and coding the games you will be playing.



Joseph Fait

Joe joined way back on Episode 13, and then stepped off of the podcast for a while. He still loves Irrational Passions, and has committed to coming on the show more often. He currently writes for PlaystationLifestyle and edits podcasts about science in his free time.


IP pic

Jacob Bryant

Jacob is a senior journalism major at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with big aspirations of being a video game critic in the future. His love for video games is rivaled only by love of all things comic books. Jacob is always down for gaming and talking with people so send him an invite.




Jarrett Green

A game enthusiast since he could walk, Jarrett prides himself on his deep attraction to Japanese beat-em ups, and his god-like Bushido Blade talents. He provides insightful reviews from experienced eyes out of the deep darkness of South Jersey.



Niall Reynolds

Niall Reynolds, a lover of video games and movies.


IP Picture

Zack Rupp

Zack was raised with the healthy nourishment only a N64 could provide. He continued to expand to other gaming outlets, like PC and Xbox, but never forgot his love for Nintendo. Zack inspires to complete his English/Writing major while dabbling along in the different literary genres, and is a comic and heavy metal enthusiast.



Aneudys Tejeda

Aneudys is a gamer, lover of people and things, and an all around nice guy. Though he does work a ton and doesn’t have as much time to play games as he used to, he was still happy to be a part of the Irrational Passions writing team.