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I’ve been meaning to write up a post about this for a long time, so I decided to finally get around to it.  I feel the need to explain why I started this, where it kind of came from, but let me break it down for those of you who don’t know what weird video project I am up to now.

A Little Zelda Everyday

So if you are hip to my twitter, then you know I’ve been posting about this series of “Let’s Play” videos almost every day of the week. It started back in June, which seems like forever ago honestly. I booted up Majora’s Mask, which was just the one I wanted to start with (for no good reason), and started recording. As you listen/watch, you’ll very clearly notice I’m not very good at this “Let’s Play” thing, but I started releasing episodes every weekday, and I got a little bit better with each one.

Here is the first ever episode of Alex Plays Zelda:

I’ve already finished Majora’s Mask, and I started Twilight Princess concurrently with that, which I also finished. At the time of writing this, I have completely Ocarina of Time, but the Finale of that won’t be out until next Wednesday. The videos started coming quicker and quicker, and soon enough I had finished two games and honestly had to slow down.

Critiquing The Franchise

The idea for the video series has been bouncing around in my head for a while now. I’ve wanted to do some new video series that was bit more focused, and I plan on doing some interesting things down the line, but after finishing the second “season” of Alex Talks, I needed to do something that was much easier to produce. I don’t actually edit any of the Alex Plays Zelda videos, save for two very specific instances. Past that, it’s just been a really fun thing to do that I can pretty much upload right away.

I’ve taken the opportunity to critique the games I play in each video, and discuss the ups and downs of each entry, and where I think its individual influence stands. I’m using this basically as notes for a long-form piece that I’ve started working on as a sort of “critique” of the Zelda games, outlining what I think makes each game special, and the missteps they’ve taken along the way.


It’s been a super fun experience so far, and I’m only about half-way done. The initial goal was to play every console Zelda game from A Link to the Past on, with maybe cameo appearances of Four Swords Adventures and Link’s Crossbow training, but we’ll see how they pan out.

Here is an order of release for you to look forward to:


Here is the first episode of Wind Waker, which just started today! I am playing on “Second Quest” mode to see Link in his goofy pajamas and see some fun bonus content, but unfortunately I missed out on the opening because of that. I explain in the video, but either way, subscribe to our YouTube channel and check back here for updates on how the series is going.

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