Jurge Cruz
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Jurge writes about old games and more in the name of Irrational Passions. He also helps out with our Twitter and is the co-host of Input. On top of that, he also has a movies podcast named Movies Are Reel and a games podcast called Jurge, Ryan, Video Games. Follow him on twitter @jcruzalvarez26

Perception Review

  Two hours into my playthrough of Perception, a first-person horror game where you embody a young blind woman who uses echolocation to see the world around her, I discovered the story of a chara…

Night in the Woods Review

“A Blueness, A Youness, A Dankness, A Thankness.” Sometimes a positive outlook and reassurance that things are going to be okay can be comforting, but sometimes I’ve found that a bit of realism with a…