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Jurge is Irrational Passion's Social Media Editor, Staff Writer, and Co-Host of Input: A Video Games News Show. Follow him on twitter @jcruzalvarez26.

The Best Video Game Music of Games I’ve Never Played

There are few times when I can actually make myself listen to new music. I have a hard time listening to full albums and I usually skip songs on playlists that don’t grab me thirty seconds in.

Lost Oddities: The Game Where No One Scores

Got me doing things I’ll never do…  

Bound Review

The things I have seen. The places I have been. My mind could have never conjured up where I just visited, where developer Plastic took me with Bound. Many describe games as escapism. Games transport us to snowy mountain villages, beautiful…

Lost Oddities : Please Notice Me, Britney Spears

Oh baby baby, how was I supposed to know…