Mike Burgess
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Mike has worked in production and audio engineering over the last 7 years in many different capacities from live theatre production on cruise ships and arena stages, recording studio work with local bands/venues, video streaming for government contracts, and is now looking to take these experiences and apply it all towards his other passion, video games and the community that loves them by making video reviews and features for the site and whatever else in the future.

Moonlighter Review

Life can be tough for a humble shopkeeper, day in and day out tending to your shop can be stressful. But after a hard days work, pick up your sword and shield and begin your quest to become a legendar…

Omensight Review

Omensight is a reminder of how much I love the character action game genre, but also shows that the genre has come a long way from the era this game takes its inspiration from. Brace yourself for acti…