Scott White
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Born and raised in the mitten state, Scott has been around video games for his entire life. A lover of most genres of video games (he is not one for the racing or sports games), he is especially fond of RPGs and Fighting games. Scott is far from a one-trick nerd though also having interests involving card games, such as Magic, board games, and Dungeons and Dragons. Outside of game related items, he finds giant robots (Gundam, Transformers, anything that combines into bigger robots) to be the shit , enjoys the occasional anime, and has a fondness for epic fantasy novels. The nerd is strong with this one.

Rend Impressions

I was given the opportunity to attend a special private demo of the early access title, Rend. During it, I got to speak with a few members from Frostkeep, the developer of the game. They even shared w…

Stormland Preview

The world of Stormland is one of ruin and devastation, a result from the immense destructive force of “The Tempest”. Stormland is the latest virtual reality offering from the masterminds a…