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Born and raised in the mitten state, Scott has been around video games for his entire life. A lover of most genres of video games (he is not one for the racing or sports games), he is especially fond of RPGs and Fighting games. Scott is far from a one-trick nerd though also having interests involving card games, such as Magic, board games, and Dungeons and Dragons. Outside of game related items, he finds giant robots (Gundam, Transformers, anything that combines into bigger robots) to be the shit , enjoys the occasional anime, and has a fondness for epic fantasy novels. The nerd is strong with this one.

Gaming Memories vol.1 : The Lava Lamp vs. Final Fantasy 3

Having grown up around video games since the day I was born, they have been a large part of it.  As such, I have many memories, some good, some bad, and some weird. This is one of those memories. It…

Professor RPG – Xenoblade Chronicles 2 BLADE Basics

A new column from Scott White breaking down systems and history of your soon-to-be favorite RPGs.

Opinion: LABO For Everyone

Two Thursdays ago (or January 18th for those of you reading this at a later date) Nintendo did a special reveal of a new kind of gameplay experience for the Nintendo Switch. Leading up to the reveal, the internet was…

Scott White’s Top 10 Games of 2017

Editor’s Note: Scott White is a brand new contributor to Look forward to a new column and new pieces from him in the coming weeks! 2017 hit the ground running with the big games and didn’t let up.  It…