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By Zack Rupp, September 12, 2014 Comments Off on FanFiction Friday: Knuckles Article, Opinion

It can be difficult to play the part of the red-headed step-child; the one who gets the short end of the stick, the one left out of plans, and/or the one who swells inside their own isolation. Unfortunately for our… Read More »

By Zack Rupp, August 8, 2014 Comments Off on The Return Article, Opinion

It’s been nearly a month since I’ve written article here at IrrationalPassions, and I figure that’s too damn long. Plenty of excitement has been stirred in the mix since last time we talked. With events like E3 and San Diego… Read More »

By Zack Rupp, July 7, 2014 Comments Off on Liberty for All Article, Opinion

Sulfur fills the air from fireworks that burnt mere minutes ago. A dim night showered in sparks and embers from families all around. A small flame illuminates the faces of all those around who impatiently await the char-grilled food. A… Read More »

By Zack Rupp, June 23, 2014 0 ,

Images bend together as you propel yourself past the rest of pack. The roaring hum from the motor drowns out,… Read More »

By Zack Rupp, May 8, 2014 Comments Off on Throwback Thursday: Nintendo Anniversaries TBT

Growing old is never fun, but it’s a hell of a thing to celebrate. Working your way up the chain of legalities is the sudden shift of independence people crave since they got their first pimple. Along with these liberties… Read More »

By Zack Rupp, May 1, 2014 Comments Off on Throwback Thursday: Sly Cooper TBT

Staggered breath. Silent steps towards the unexpected. Your arrival is confidential, no one suspecting you prowling from up above. From stealth to a stampede, you attack, a sudden surprise to the enemy. Petrified by shock leaves little time to brace… Read More »

By Zack Rupp, April 28, 2014 Comments Off on A Little Story Never Hurt Editorial

Distress consumes your conscious; a fine line faded between the flurry of misfortunes. Perseverance, the trait that determines life and death, casually drifts to the back corridors of your mind because you’ve come too far. Too far to submit to… Read More »

By Zack Rupp, April 24, 2014 Comments Off on Throwback Thursday: Super Smash Bros. TBT

Running barefoot across streets, catching fireflies in a jar to create a nightlight for later, and those unsettling nights when sleep is far from happening because of the late night ghost stories characterize a normal childhood. As video games became… Read More »

By Zack Rupp, April 17, 2014 Comments Off on Throwback Thursday: Yearly Franchises TBT

History is taught with intentions to prevent similar tragedies from occurring again. But once one title was able to successfully begin a yearly cycle, it was too tempting not to repeat history. It began as something innocent, a way to… Read More »

By Zack Rupp, April 16, 2014 Comments Off on Enemy Starfighter Preview PAX, Preview

Submerged in the depths of outerspace, phobias become a thing of the past. As the opposition flutters around you, it becomes clear; it’s either them or me. Antagonizing slowly evolved into a ruthless hunt as you stalk the approaching enemy…. Read More »

By Zack Rupp, April 12, 2014 Comments Off on Project Spark Insight PAX, Preview

Independent development has produced a stunning surge within the past few years to the point where the masses are craving indie titles. Creativity and ingenuity is at the threshold in the game industry, but Microsoft seemed to be reluctant for… Read More »

By Zack Rupp, April 11, 2014 Comments Off on Prodigy Preview PAX, Preview

Hidden gems are concealed around every corner, remaining unnoticed as your head swivels among vast expansion of booths at PAX East. Though if you have keen eye and a reality that demands the fuel of fantasy, the Prodigy booth is… Read More »