Luna is an Endearing and Colorful Experience

In the past two to three years, I feel like I’ve come across many games that very specifically value the inherent interactive and visual nature of the medium. Of course, these are elements in every video game, but these interactive…

Editorial: Who Really Took E3 2017?

Alex gives his two cents on how he felt the big three did at E3, from what they showed, to what they didn’t.

Editorial: Where Are We With Switch?

Alex breaks downs what he felt went right, and what went wrong, with Nintendo’s formal Switch unveil.

The Best Video Game Music of Games I’ve Never Played

There are few times when I can actually make myself listen to new music. I have a hard time listening to full albums and I usually skip songs on playlists that don’t grab me thirty seconds in.

Editorial: Switch-Stepping to the Side

Time to face the facts: the Nintendo Switch may just not be for you.

Morning After: PlayStation VR Date & Price

PSVR will launch this fall at $399 in the US. Let’s talk about it.

Microsoft: Primed and Ready

Microsoft has set themselves up for a huge success come this June. With the Xbox One reaching parity price with the Playstation 4, all they need is another software push to really drive home how serious they are about games.

Goat Simulator Doesn’t Deserve a Score

There really aren’t proper words to describe the real conundrum surrounding Coffee Stain’s unlikely hit. Seeing (and playing) is believing, and is truly the only way to “get it,” and even then, there’s no guarantees that you’ll find Goat Simulator…

A Little Story Never Hurt

Distress consumes your conscious; a fine line faded between the flurry of misfortunes. Perseverance, the trait that determines life and death, casually drifts to the back corridors of your mind because you’ve come too far. Too far to submit to…

Women Crush Wednesday: Cara Ellison

Like the Internet, the gaming industry is a world of many faces. We have our bright, smiling 3D Marios and Call of Dutys to show to the outsiders looking in, the Journeys and the Gone Homes to pass among ourselves…

Fixing Gaming’s Blacklessness

I don’t have many vivid memories from my childhood. I don’t even have very many pictures from my youth. I recall it as a difficult time for me, as my family was larger than my mother’s income could sustain, at…