Til Next Time (by Logan Wilkinson)

This piece is my final writing as a Senior Editor and member of the IP team. I’m sure many of you will click on this wondering why. You’re wondering what has happened. The simple, seemingly obvious yet so hard to…

Polymega Interview with Bryan Bernal

Recently, staff member Jurge Cruz and I, the retro enthusiasts of Irrational Passions, were set up with a unique opportunity. We got the chance chance to speak with Bryan Bernal, Co-founder and CEO of Playmaji, creators of of the upcoming…

My Return to Terraria

Back in 2011, a hot new crafting and exploration game started to spread across the interwebs. Adopting a 16-bit style, Terraria gave players a more action and adventure take on a genre that began in 2009 with its more blocky…

Metro Exodus – A Blind Entrance to the Series

I’ve long found myself intrigued by the premise of the Metro series, but for one reason or another, I’ve simply never taken the plunge into the post-nuclear war wasteland of Moscow. Metro Exodus’ more wide open frozen landscape and apparent…

Vignettes Is a Delicously Bright Game Full of Surprises

I’m a sucker for a very specific sub-genre of game. That being games that are about the enjoyment that comes from just tinkering with something colorful and imaginative. Games like developer Funomena’s Luna and Ko_Op’s GNOG. These are titles that…

Luna is an Endearing and Colorful Experience

In the past two to three years, I feel like I’ve come across many games that very specifically value the inherent interactive and visual nature of the medium. Of course, these are elements in every video game, but these interactive…

Editorial: Who Really Took E3 2017?

Alex gives his two cents on how he felt the big three did at E3, from what they showed, to what they didn’t.

Editorial: Where Are We With Switch?

Alex breaks downs what he felt went right, and what went wrong, with Nintendo’s formal Switch unveil.

The Best Video Game Music of Games I’ve Never Played

There are few times when I can actually make myself listen to new music. I have a hard time listening to full albums and I usually skip songs on playlists that don’t grab me thirty seconds in.

Editorial: Switch-Stepping to the Side

Time to face the facts: the Nintendo Switch may just not be for you.

Morning After: PlayStation VR Date & Price

PSVR will launch this fall at $399 in the US. Let’s talk about it.