Lost Oddities: The Game Where No One Scores

Got me doing things I’ll never do…  

Lost Oddities : Please Notice Me, Britney Spears

Oh baby baby, how was I supposed to know…

The Art of the Video Game: Painting

Youssef joins the IP writing team to discuss video games and their emulation of classic art pieces and movements.

Opinion: Twilit Ghost Town

Twilight Princess suffers from a really extreme problem.

Feature: Uncharted Feelings– An Uncharted 4 Critique

The Uncharted series and I have such a weird relationship. Let’s call it, tenuous, but not necessarily in a bad way. I’ve just never been super attached to it. Or at least, that’s what I thought. In fact, I think…

Irrational Passions 2015 Game of the Year

Let’s close out the first month of 2016 by discussing our favorite game from 2015.

Feature: Growing Up with a Generation

Alex recounts growing up with some of the best video game consoles to date.

The Last of Us vs. Bioshock Infinite

We decided to put something special together for our 2013 Game of the Year content, but it unfortunately got delayed by an assortment of crazy circumstances and editing issues. Either way, here is the final product! We each found that…

Gamers Love Earth

Take a deep breath. Not in your your musty dorm room or your dim, abattoir of an apartment. Go outside and take a deep breath. That revitalizing buzz your brain is feeling is what happens when your lungs are filled…

Jarrett’s Favorite Soundtrack: Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest

There are few elements to a game more important than the way it sounds. Even a game with very little story or very sparse gameplay usually has sound effects and a score. Completely silent games died with MUDs made in…