Input Ep. 18: “Net Neutrality, ESA and the GOP Tax Plan, and HQ Strangeness”

It took us a few episodes, but Input has finally gotten the opportunity to talk about games and how they could be affected by the Trump administration.  We could’ve gotten here without you, folks. Topics this week:  ‘Member Net Neutrality?…

Input Ep. 17: IGN Strike, and the People vs. Battlefront II

Jurge sadly came down with a case of the Extra Life Pox so Logan and Jarrett carry on gallantly in his steed. Topics this week: IGN’s content team goes on strike. The twists and turns of the Star Wars Battlefront…

Input Ep. 16: EA Acquisitions, Telltale Layoffs, Motigo and Runic Closing

EA buys Respawn for upwards of $455 million, changing the outlook on the Titanfall franchise. Discussion Topics: EA purchases Respawn Telltale Lays off a significant portion of its staff Perfect World closes Motigo and Runic Works Mentioned:  EA to Acquire…

Input Ep. 15: Trailerpocalypse

PlayStation’s Paris Games Week showcase was this week, and not all of the reactions from their spectacle have been positive. Instead, it has caused the community to have a discussion about what’s okay to have in a trailer.   Discussion…

Input Ep. 13: Visceral Games’ Demise and Naughty Dog’s Work Environment

Visceral Games is sadly no more. This leads the boys to a larger conversation on the state of linear, single player games within the industry. They then discuss the impact and weight of David Ballard’s allegations against Naughty Dog and…

Input Ep.11 : Andrew House’s Legacy and Why Don’t We Support Game Devs?

Jurge sadly couldn’t make it on this week’s episode, but Jarrett and Logan soldiered on without him.

Input Ep. 10: Fortnite Usurping Battlegrounds’ Design and the end of the SAG AFTRA Strike

A wise man once said, “You made it a hot line, I made it a hot song.”

Input Ep. 9: YouTube Demonetizing LGBTQIA Content, Star Citizen, & The Netflix for Indie Games

The saga of YouTube and its relationship with the people who make them money continues, and the latest chapter is a troubling one.

Input Ep. 8 : PewDiePie, Hate Speech, and What’s Next?

Hey, so like PewDiePie said something pretty terrible…again.

Input Ep. 6: “2017’s Japanese Game Renaissance”
On this week's episode we spend the entire show discussing the resurgence of Japanese games this year. From what has lead to the resurgence, to the inspirations they are pulling from, to the cultural and socio-political reasons for the rise,…