Opinion: Casualty in Gaming: P.T. & Silent Hills

Another tragedy has struck the gaming industry.

2014 Game of the Year Show: Day 5

The final day is here, and we have decided on our 2014 Game of the Year.

2014 Game of the Year Show: Day 4

Today may be the most fun day, so prepare for some good jams.

2014 Game of the Year Show: Day 3

The day about arguing over HD remixes is upon us.

2014 Game of the Year Show: Day 2

A day about character. And rage.

5 Hilariously Blatant Mobile Ripoffs

There’s nothing incredibly new about many of gaming’s biggest ideas. We live in a time where iteration is more popular (and profitable) than innovation. In some ways, iteration becomes innovation. The gradual process of making little things like running, jumping,…

2014 Game of the Year Show: Day 1

Let the gauntlet begin.

Jarrett Green’s Top 10 Games of 2014

The top 10 this website deserves.

Alex O’Neill’s Top 10 Games of 2014

Yes, I’m special and get my own post for my list. You can listen or read it, whichever you want! Or, even do both!

2014 Top 10 Lists: Friday

It’s the final day of silly lists and fun times. Not necessarily the end of our GOTY content, as mentioned on Monday’s post, next week will have our five-part GOTY show. Anyway, today we have lists from the members of…

2014 Top 10 Lists: Thursday

Today is all about Nabeshin and Friends.

2014 Top 10 Lists: Wednesday

The third day of Top 10s is here, and it has more anime than you can shake a fist at.