Input Ep. 99: Porn Ads and Copyright Law with Blake Hester

Jurge and Jess sat down with US Gamer’s Blake Hester to talk through his fantastic piece on video games, porn ads, and publishers powerlessness to reduce their characters appearing in them. Topic Discussed:  A Conversation with Blake Hester on his…

IPP431: Summertime Vibes Pt 2: Switch Lite, Stranger Things, and A Plague Tale!

It’s time to get into the summer heat with some old games, a new Switch, and more bets.

Input Ep. 98: G2A Tried to Pay Journalists to Write Pre-Written Articles and Other Shady Deets

Jarrett and Logan dive into the messy and problematic world of almost, but not quite, illegal shady site G2A. Topics Discussed:  G2A tried to pay journalists to run pre-written articles Works Mentioned: Shady Market G2A Offers To Pay Journalists To…

IPP430: Summertime Vibes

This week Nabeshin is out sick, Alex is out of his mind with sickness, and Tony bought a Switch. Talking points: Mario, Expert Chess Players, and Monopoly.

Input Ep 97: Gaming Manufacturers & Human Rights Abuses

Jarrett, Jurge, and Logan are joined by the wonderful and supremely talented Rebekah Valentine from gam to discuss her fantastic reporting on which tech companies may have funded human rights abuses. This is one of best conversations we’ve had…

Mastery of the Wild FAQ

Master of the Wild is a stream series where Mike Burgess video producer attempts to complete Breath of the Wild on Master Mode! But there’s a few other things going on then just beat Ganon and roll credits.  The streams…

Input Ep. 96: Employees Suffer Toxic Conditions While working on Black Ops 4

Jurge and Logan discuss Jason Schreier’s piece on the tumultuous, chaotic, and toxic development on Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and the emotional toll it took on many freelance and contracted employees. Topics Discussed:  The toxic cost behind Black…

IPP429: Settling into the ~Summer Vibes~, Game Trivia, Sekiro Stories!

The gang gets into Sekiro, Cadence, more games, and some weird trivia and SICK JUMPS.

Input Ep 95: Layoffs at Amazon Game Studios and Randy Pitchford Should Stop

This week Jurge, Jarrett, and Logan come together to talk about the news of layoffs at Amazon Game Studios and how committed the tech giant really is to entering into the video game space. They also make time for most…

IPP428: The Top 10 Headlines from E3 2019

This week recounts E3 with the biggest headlines, with big talks about Breath of the Wild 2, Scarlett, and Final Fantasy 7! Oh, and we get kind of into it when trying to settle some bets.

Input Ep. 94: Taking a Close Look at Gamestop’s Financial Issues

Jarrett, Jurge, and Logan discuss The Company Man’s video about the rise and fall of GameStop and what gleans to be the major failings underpinning the company’s current tumult, how dire it actually is, and directions that may provide avenues…

IPP427: E3 Betting Special!

Its E3 season and it’s poisoned Alex’s brain and now everything is about BETS.