Input Ep. 92: The drama, tension, and behind the scenes failings of the ESA

Jurge and Logan discuss Brian Crecente’s excellent article on the ESA and turmoil roiling the organization that runs the industry event E3. Discussion Topics: What happened to the ESA and what does the future even look like for E3? Works Mentioned:  Inside…

IPP424: Sony & Microsoft are friends! RAGE 2 is a video game!

This week Jurge joins the gang (minus Scott because of Finals) to talk Rage 2, more Black Desert, Sony and Microsoft’s cloud venture, and ads for classic PS1 titles.

IPP423: Final Fantasy 7 Remake, State of Play, and What Comes Next?

On this week’s show Scott White shares his excitement for the FF7 remake with talk of Persona 5, Cracks in Time, and more!

Input Ep. 91: Riot Workers Walk Out and Meltdown May Tweetstorm

This episode of Input has Jarrett and Jurge discuss a couple updates on stories covered on the show before. Unionizaiton, workers rights, and the USB drive saga continues. Randy Pitchford Saga Randy Pitchford Tweetstorms Game Informer Over ‘borderlands 3’ Microstransactions…

IPP422: Reflecting on Hellblade, Persona, and Star Wars

This week the gang talks about old games, how they make us feel, changing our names, and Personaaaaaa!

Input Ep. 90 Riot Games Sued For Discrimination by Former and Current Staff.

Jarrett and Logan dive into the unspooling story involving former and current employees of Riot Games suing the company for gender discrimination, alongside the threats of walking out if nothing is changed, and Riot’s actions and statements in response. Topics…

Our Top 50 Games Discussion

Nabeshin & Alex get in on their Top 50 games and explain their thought process.

IPP421: Persona 5 Royal, SteamWorld Quest, & March NPDs

Mike comes on to talk SteamWorld Dig, Persona 5 The Royal, show how little trivia the team knows, and get way into The Gathering of Magic.

Input Ep. 89: Filip Miucin Apologizes

Jarrett and Logan think over the recent videos by Filip Miucin finally apologizing for the plagiarism scandal that engulfed him last year and discuss forgiveness, moving on, and where he goes next. Topics Discussed:  Filip Miucin Apology Videos Works Mentioned: …

IPP420: PlayStation 5, Joker in Smash, and Your Silly Questions

The boys are back together to get lit, blaze it, talk games, be cool, and some other inappropriate reference when talking about Top 50 Games, PS5, and silly, silly questions.

Input Ep. 88: The Problematic Gamer Has Logged Off, and is Running For Office

On this episode of Input,  Jarrett and Jurge are joined by Quinten Hoffman to discuss Patrick Klepeck’s piece, “We Need to Get Ready for GamerGate Politicans.” Work Mentioned: We Need to Get Ready for GamerGate Politicans By Patrick Klepeck Theme…

IPP419: Jedi Fallen Order, Sekiro, and GAME OF THRONES!!!

On this week’s show we dive deep on why Sekiro succeeds, the fondness we still share for Portal 2, and our favorite Final Fantasy songs.