Input Ep 85. Google Discovers Video Games Are A Thing

On one of the spiciest and most take filled episodes of Input ever the boys jump into the hyper charged, swirling, hype chamber that is Googles GDC reveal of the Stadia. The good, the bad, and lots of pure speculation…

IPP416: Entering the Division (Again), More DMC, and Marvel!

This week Alex gets into The Division 2, we relish in Devil May Cry 5, and Scott reaches the end of Kingdom Hearts 3.

Raccoon City Radio 05: Claire- Side B

Andrew and Alex are back after a little hiatus to discuss their experience playing as Claire Redfield and their time with her campaign.

Input Ep. 84: Sims EA Game Changer Accused of Multiple Cases of Sexual Harassment.

Logan and Jurge sit down to discuss the troubling story of a prominent Sims streamer and YouTuber being accused of multiple cases of harassment. Topics Discussed:  Sims EA Game Changer Accused of Sexual Harassment and Abusing His Position. Works Mentioned:  Teenagers…

IPP415: Sickness, Sword and Shield, and Devil Mary Cry 5

Download: iTunes — Google Play — RSS Feed — MP3 Direct Download The Bullets: 01:30 – Housekeeping 06:29 – Nabeshin’s Games 11:39 – Stop the show: How is everyone feeling about Live Action Sonic? 57:45 – Tony’s Games 1:20:55 –…

Input Ep. 83 Nintendo Indie Scene, Gotham City is bad? and shoutouts galore

Jarrett, Logan, and the lovely Professor RPG himself Scott White sit down for a shoutouts episode fun ride as they discuss an update to last week’s Anthem storyline, discuss the state of the Indie scene on the Switch, and hear…

Input Ep. 82: A Conversation on China’s Relationship With Games

Jarrett and Jurge sit down to talk about Devotion being pulled Steam and Youtube after a backlash in China. And the state of censorship in the worlds most populous nation. Topics Discussed:  Devotion pulled from Steam and Youtube Works Mentioned:…

IPP414: Anthem, EA, and Early Access w/ Alex Van Aken & Brandt Ranj

OKB’s Alex Van Aken and BI’s Brandt Ranj join the IPP crew to talk the ups and downs of Anthem, Reggie retiring, and best villains.

Input Ep. 81: The Fall and fall of Starbreeze.

All three of the boys are back together for the first time in weeks as they discuss the slow shambling fall of Starbreeze games. Topics Discussed: Starbreeze falls apart. Timeline of Starbreeze: The timeline GRIN/Overkill Advanced Warfighter 1 and 2,…

IPP413: Layoffs, Tetris Battle Royale and Anthem with Jake Palmer

Jacob Palmer joins the crew to talk Anthem, video games that made Alex cry (Kingdom Hearts) and the latest Nintendo Direct!

Kingdom Hearts 3 SPOILERCAST

The moment has arrived! Kingdom Hearts 3 finally released and we’ve all played it an unhealthy amount! Join Alex, Mike, Scott and Justin as they talk everything Kingdom Hearts 3

Input Ep. 80: Activision-Blizzard Lays Off 800 Workers Despite Having “Record Sales”

Jarrett and Jurge sit down with the youngest member of Irrational Passions, Quinten Hoffman, to break down what led to Activision-Blizzard laying off 800 workers. Works Mentioned: Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg is leaving in March By Dean Takashi Blizzard co-founder…