IPP411: Kingdom Hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts 3 is finally out. Everyone breath a sigh of relief: we’re here to talk about it.

Raccoon City Radio 03: The Sewers

Deep, down, into the sewers Andrew and Alex go, this time finding a friend there.

Input Ep. 79: “Ethics in Games Journalism”

Jarrett and Jessica read through Russ Pitts’ screed about ethics in games journalism, and found it wanting. Works Mentioned:  How do we finally talk about ethics in video games? – Russ Pitts An Apology from Editor-in-Chief Russ Pitts – Russ…

IPP410: We’re So Close, 2018 NPDs, and Resident Evil 2

We are finally at the end of the long road to Kingdom Hearts, and we’re getting a little silly about it.

Raccoon City Radio 02: The Police Station

It’s time to take the first steps into fear.

Input Ep 78: What Happened to Gamestop?

Jarrett and Jurge are both gone for this week’s episode so Logan invited on the wonderful Cameron Abbott from KGN and also the amazing, talented, and brilliant Jessica Cogswell, who it just so happens is also the brand newest member…

Input Ep. 77: An Update on the Epic Games Store

It has been a month since Epic launched it’s PC games marketplace, and boy they have been making some moves since then. Because of that Jarrett and Jurge sit down to review some of the news in that past month…

IPP409: New Year, New Us, Bungie Leaves Activision, and VESPERIA!

Back from holidays, back from games of the year, back to games!

Raccoon City Radio 01: The One-Shot Demo

The first episode of a limited-run Resident Evil 2 podcast!

Input Ep: 76 Randy Pitchford Did What?!?

Logan and Jarrett are joined by the beautiful and wonderful Cameron Abbott from KGN and proceed to roll around all the bizarre, strange, and delightfully messy story of Randy Pitchford’s legal problems and possible misdeeds at Gearbox. Topics Discussed:  Ex-Gearbox…

IPP 2018 GOTY Deliberations Day 4: Surprises, Music, and Moments

Things are finally starting to heat up, and we get to chill to some nice music. Download: iTunes — Google Play — RSS Feed — MP3 Direct Download The Bullets: 03:50 – Best Experience 30:11 – Most “Turrett Section” Moment…