IPP467: Revisiting the Classics

We get all kinds of loosey goosey this week and dive into Kingdom Hearts, Grand Cross, Sonic Heroes, ya know, the classics!

IPP466: Reflecting on Kingdom Hearts 1, Sonic Heroes, and Final Fantasy 13

Jarrett joins a lonely Alex & Nabeshin for a podcast that goes off the rails just about right away. Sonic is there, he’s rude, and also Lightning and Hope from Final Fantasy 13. I’m telling you, it gets weird.

Fireside Chats: Persona 5 The Royal Spoiler Conversation feat. Barrett Courtney

Alex & Nabeshin are joined by good friend and confidant, Barrett Courtney, to discuss all the ins and outs of how Royal improves Persona 5. Direct Download Spotify Apple Podcasts The conversation starts non-spoilery, spoiler timestamp below. 35:20 – Spoiler…

IPP465: Digging into Graveyard Keeper; Hunting Down Foes in Predator

This week is all about getting back to basics, like not hitting “GO LIVE” on the stream and having to scramble to recover the podcast and then lazily not edit it for five days.

Anyway it’s a good episode we talk about stuff!

Raccoon City Radio: Exploring Raccoon City Hospital

This week, the guys discuss the penultimate area of Resident Evil 3 Remake.

IPP464: Controller Hot-Takes & Mario Worlds

Brandt is jumping in with the gang to get into Mario Worlds and hot takes on PlayStation controllers.

IPP463: QuarantineCasts Continues with FF7 Remake Discussion

Jurge jumps in this week as Alex gets his spoilery FF7 thoughts off his chest and we talk about all these games. Download: Apple Podcasts — Google Play — RSS Feed — MP3 Direct Download The Bullets: 1:20 – Intro…

Raccoon City Radio: DualShockers Guests Reflect on Resident Evil

Andrew sits down with Logan and Mario to discuss Resident Evil! Direct Download — Apple Podcasts — RSS Feed  Andrew got to sit down with Logan Moore & Mario Rivera from DualShockers.com to discuss their thoughts on the latest Resident…

Raccoon City Radio: Back to the RPD & A Beastly Nemesis

It’s time to find ourselves even further in the depths of Raccoon City, even familiar places. Direct Download — Apple Podcasts — RSS Feed  This episode, the guys discuss the next section of RE3 involving the sewers and the second…

A Trip To Nintendoland Pilot Episode

Join us on a trip to Nintendoland! Your monthly source for Nintendo News and games chat from IrrationalPassions.com! Spotify PocketCasts iTunes (coming soon) In this pilot episode Mike Burgess, video producer, and Alex O Neill, editor-in-chief, are joined by guests AJ…

IPP462: Animal Crossing Meets Raccoon City

Mike jumps in with the crew when they’re missing a Scott to gab about everyone’s Animal Crossing Town and the scary zombie infested streets of Raccoon City. Download: Apple Podcasts — Google Play — RSS Feed — MP3 Direct Download…