IPP420: PlayStation 5, Joker in Smash, and Your Silly Questions

The boys are back together to get lit, blaze it, talk games, be cool, and some other inappropriate reference when talking about Top 50 Games, PS5, and silly, silly questions.

Input Ep. 88: The Problematic Gamer Has Logged Off, and is Running For Office

On this episode of Input,  Jarrett and Jurge are joined by Quinten Hoffman to discuss Patrick Klepeck’s piece, “We Need to Get Ready for GamerGate Politicans.” Work Mentioned: We Need to Get Ready for GamerGate Politicans By Patrick Klepeck Theme…

IPP419: Jedi Fallen Order, Sekiro, and GAME OF THRONES!!!

On this week’s show we dive deep on why Sekiro succeeds, the fondness we still share for Portal 2, and our favorite Final Fantasy songs.

Input Ep. 87: Gizmodo Gets Bought….again

Jarrett and Logan make sense of the news that Gizmodo has been sold off and bought yet again. What does it mean for the various holdings under Gizmodo and the long term future looks like for places such as Deadspin…

IPP418: Back from PAX, Sekiro’s Master craft, and Borderlands 3

We are back! Our week off while Alex was in Boston is over, and we talk about just how great Sekiro is, just what Nabeshin’s favorite 50 games are, and Scott runs off to celebrate a birthday.

Streets of Rage 4 Preview Discussion

Jurge got to get hands-on with Lizardcube and Guard Crush Games’ Streets of Rage 4 at PAX East, a series very close to his heart. Alex O’Neill got to play at PAX West, so they deiced to sit down and…

Input Ep. 86: The Bioware Situation

Bioware’s Anthem launched as a hot mess, where it remains today.  This week, a very long, very illuminating report from Kotaku’s Jason Schreier got some good insight as to why, in maybe the worst way possible. Discussion Topics: Bioware’s terrible,…

IPP417: Sekiro, Stadia, Cuphead, Persona 5 The Royal, and a Battle Pass!

Time to talk the big topics: what do we think of Google Stadia? Who was the mysterious female revealed with Persona 5 The Royal? How much like Souls or Bloodborne is Sekiro? All these have answers and more!

Input Ep. 85: Google Discovers Video Games Are A Thing

On one of the spiciest and most take filled episodes of Input ever the boys jump into the hyper charged, swirling, hype chamber that is Googles GDC reveal of the Stadia. The good, the bad, and lots of pure speculation…

IPP416: Entering the Division (Again), More DMC, and Marvel!

This week Alex gets into The Division 2, we relish in Devil May Cry 5, and Scott reaches the end of Kingdom Hearts 3.

Raccoon City Radio 05: Claire- Side B

Andrew and Alex are back after a little hiatus to discuss their experience playing as Claire Redfield and their time with her campaign.

Input Ep. 84: Sims EA Game Changer Accused of Multiple Cases of Sexual Harassment.

Logan and Jurge sit down to discuss the troubling story of a prominent Sims streamer and YouTuber being accused of multiple cases of harassment. Topics Discussed:  Sims EA Game Changer Accused of Sexual Harassment and Abusing His Position. Works Mentioned:  Teenagers…