Podcast Ulitmate Reunion Special! – Who are the Final 5 DLC Fighters?

PODCAST ULTIMATE IS BACK FOR ONE MORE! Min Min has been announced as the first character in DLC pack 2 for Smash Bros Ultimate so it begs the question, Who are the final five? That’s what Smash fans Mike Burgess,…

IPP471: The PlayStation 5 Takes the Stage w Kyle Stephenson

Kyle Stephenson joins us to finally discuss the unveil of the PlayStation 5.

A Trip To Nintendoland Episode 2 – Paper Mario & Pokemon News!

Join us on a trip to Nintendoland! Your monthly source for Nintendo news and games chat from IrrationalPassions.com! Spotify PocketCasts iTunes In this episode Mike Burgess, video producer, and Alex O Neill, editor-in-chief, are joined by guests Cam Hawkins from…

IP Presents: All Our Concerns for The Last of Us Part II

Alex and Nabeshin try and have an open and difficult conversation about where Alex feels about The Last of Us in 2020.

IPP470: Black Lives Matter, Demon’s Souls Remade, Destiny 2 LIVE

Jarrett Green comes off break to discuss Black Lives Matter and video games! Please enjoy some Warhammer 40K and Demon’s Souls tangents!

Pokemon Ranking Committee Episode 2- How the Wood Burns

Let the rankings commence! In another A Trip to Nintendoland presents feature, The Pokemon scientists gather to rank their favorite Pocket Monsters from the latest generation of games Pokemon Sword & Shield! In the second episode, The gang returns after…

Firesite Chats: Games That Speak to Our Soul

Once again it’s time to join two friends by the fireside, this time to discuss those special games that speak to our very soul.

IPP469: Preparing for the PS5

The Quarantine continues, and so do some old games.

Memories of Zelda – A Trip To Nintendoland Presents….

Welcome to the second episode of A Trip to Nintendoland and the first ever A Trip to Nintendoland Presents… episode! In these specials, Mike sits down with a guest to talk about a specific aspect of Nintendo and discuss why…

IPP468: Revisiting the Classics

This week Scott White joins up with the gang and we revisit some old games in Quarantine.

IPP467: Revisiting the Classics

We get all kinds of loosey goosey this week and dive into Kingdom Hearts, Grand Cross, Sonic Heroes, ya know, the classics!

IPP466: Reflecting on Kingdom Hearts 1, Sonic Heroes, and Final Fantasy 13

Jarrett joins a lonely Alex & Nabeshin for a podcast that goes off the rails just about right away. Sonic is there, he’s rude, and also Lightning and Hope from Final Fantasy 13. I’m telling you, it gets weird.