IrrationalPod Ep. 390

Video games are good! Actually they were always good, and this week we finally get INTO THE BREACH and some Ys VIII and Final Fantasy VII!

Input Ep. 56: Toxic Culture at Riot Games

On this episode of Input, Jarrett and Jurge discuss Cecilia D’Anastasio latest investigative piece on the culture at Riot Games. Works Discussed:   Inside The Culture Of Sexism At Riot Games – C. D’Anastasio   Shout Outs Prey‘s Director On The…

IrrationalPod Ep. 389

This week we catch up on news with Smash Brothers, plagiarism, release dates, DOOM eternal, and talk FF7, Darksiders, Monster Hunter and more!

IrrationalPod Ep. 388

We’re caught up! Video Games! we talk Chasm, video games sales, more Final Fantasy 7, and even more!

Input Ep. 55: Following up on the Miucin Debacle

Jarrett and Logan rejoin the discourse and recount new details in the Miucin issue. What is there to make of his now deleted response video? Why are people clamoring to interview him? These things and more on this episode of…

Input Ep. 54 Plagiarism Scandal, EmuParadise Closes, and Discord Newz

Jarrett and Logan are joined by the beautiful, wonderful, and super duper talented video producer for Irrational Passions Mike Burgess to talk about the busy week of gaming happenings. Discussion Topics: IGN Dead Cell Plagiarism Scandal Discord Goes Gaming RIP EmuParadise Works…

IrrationalPod Ep. 387 with Scott White

This week Scott White joins the regular podcast crew to discuss JRPGs, Resident Evil, and more!

Input Ep. 53: Madden Scrubs Out Kaepernick’s Name, Farewell App Store Affiliates, and OWL Teams Make Bank.

All three of the boys are back to discuss the latest happenings in the video game world and to break some big time news about a song lyric in a sports game. Topics Discussed:  Kaepernick V NFL Hijacking Your Crypto…

IrrationalPod Ep. 386

It’s time to find our rhythm again and get back into the groove of things. No Man’s Sky! Resident Evil 5! More!

Input Ep. 52: Clash of Clans Money Laundering, Nintendo Files Massive Lawsuit Against Rom Site, and more

Join us in this episode of Input as we discuss how to clean dirty money in the year 2018 and more! Discussion Topics: Clash of Clans Crimes Take Down This ISO of Captain Rainbow Immediately! Quantic Dream Update Part. 5?…

Podcast Ultimate Episode 1

Podcast Ultimate is where 3 fine folks from talk all things Super Smash Bros Ultimate! In this episode we recap some E3 highlights and general impressions of the game and talk about the new characters and stages/music shown of…

Input Ep. 51 Culling 2 Fiasco, Banning Games, and The State of Crowdfunding.

With Jurge absent, Jarrett and Logan actually manage to do the unthinkable and issue no takes, well until the Dark Knight is brought up. They also discuss a whole host of video gamey news. Discussion Topics: Culling 2 Fiasco Games…