Contrast Review

Contrast is one of those puzzle platformers that relies quite heavily on its gimmick. In fact, its gimmick is one of the only good things Contrast has going for it. The game has you controlling the character Dawn, who appears…

Gaming Innovations of the Next Generation

The world of video games is on the brink of what seems to be the greatest console war to date. In the past, consoles have always fought head-to-head to dominate the market.

Bethesda’s Big Fault

Is Bethesda jumping into subscription-based games really a good idea?

Xbox One vs. PS4: Does it really matter anymore?

With the converging systems coming ever-closer, does it really matter what system wins anymore?

Morning After: E3 2013 Pressers

Man, this year’s banquet of press conferences really told us, as consumers, how big a deal $100 and transparency is.

PS4 Morning After: Long Road Ahead

I haven’t done a morning after in quite a long time, and the last time around, it was about 3DS. But there is a time and a place, and that is now. Next generation consoles, the Playstation 4. They’re happening,…