A Trip To Nintendoland Episode 2 – Paper Mario & Pokemon News!

Join us on a trip to Nintendoland! Your monthly source for Nintendo news and games chat from IrrationalPassions.com! Spotify PocketCasts iTunes In this episode Mike Burgess, video producer, and Alex O Neill, editor-in-chief, are joined by guests Cam Hawkins from…

Letting Go of Nostalgia

Everyone clings to the memories they created as a child, whether it be Saturday morning cartoons, late night scary movies, or countless hours spent playing games. It seems as we begin to grow up, certain memories we recall so fondly,…


The WiiU is nearing it’s first year anniversary, is it finally worth purchasing?

Golden Opportunities for Nintendo

Nintendo still has a lot to give.

Opinion: I’m Not Ready for the WiiU

I don’t know about you guys, but Nintendo hasn’t really sold me on this new WiiU-thing they have going on.

Alex: Top 10 Games of 2011

Well, the year is done, we are in the future, and the world is ending. What better time than to talk about my personal bests from 2011!