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IrrationalPod Ep. 324 with Nato Johnston


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  • This week the infamous Nato Johnston joins us right from the chat, to talk about all things Australia. Don’t miss the Bonus Content this week, it’s worth it!
  • We get right into the big deals first, Persona 5 still makes all of us happy, especially Nabeshin. We also talk about Zelda, and Scott’s problems with it, and try and have a pretty reasonable talk about the whole thing.
  • We take the Band-aid off Mass Effect Andromeda and why it’s bumming Nate out, and then see if Yooka Laylee is worth a look.
  • In news, Alex has some concerns for Star Wars Battlefront 2, even if the story looks great, Nintendo had a weird direct, and Uncharted Lost Legacy is out this summer!
  • We pick a winner from last week’s Persona 5 contest! Congrats Miranda!
  • We take the show to Bets and throw everything out with a silly bit.

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Alex is the Editor-in-Chief, overlord, and overall master of Irrational Passions. He loves Zelda, Persona 4 Golden is his favorite game ever, and he is going to write for some day.

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