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IrrationalPod Ep. 85

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This week’s show is full of laughs and cries!

  • Minus a Joe this week, so we all agree to skip HM. Its not right without the whole gang.
  • Our contest is still going! We are extending it a week! See details below**
  • We get distracted this week by Alex’s roommate, some depressing Mass Effect news, PAX East, and streams.
  • Video games this week are just Shadow of the Colossus, Dark Souls, and Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City. Uhg, that last one is crap.
  • Music this week is off of the Sword and Sworcery LP Soundtrack. The track “Dark Flute”, all composed by Jim Guthrie.*** See Below
  • News this week is just basically Dark Souls PC. We’re so excited!
  • New Releases involve more than normal excitement for Carmin San Diego.
  • Emails about Japanese vs. English voice track.
  • That’s the show!

**Contest: Send us an email asking a game question, and at the bottom of the email ask if you would like to enter to win MLB 12 the Sho for VITA, PS3, or FOR BOTH. If you also agree to review it for us, you get FIVE CONTEST ENTRIES.

***Please, PLEASE download this soundtrack. Its awesome. Here is the link:…e-space-babies

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Alex is the Editor-in-Chief, overlord, and overall master of Irrational Passions. He loves Zelda, Persona 4 Golden is his favorite game ever, and he is going to write for some day.

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