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IrrationalPod Make-up: Ep 329 – 331

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IrrationalPod Ep. 329



  • It’s the episode that’s pretty much all about Destiny 2.
  • We talk games! Persona 5 is still taking our time, Alex is starting up the original Nier, Puzzles, Dragons, and Notice Me Senpai is finally leaving the rotation.
  • In news we give our thoughts on Destiny 2’s reveal, speculate on Far Cry 5, go through the NPDs for April, and wonder if Assassin’s Creed will be good again.
  • With Tony in town we make some jokes, answer some questions, and get into BETS.
  • Bets, The show. That’s it. Thank you for listening!

Watch the episode:

IrrationalPod Ep. 330



  • This episode is a CERTIFIED BANGER! Guaranteed.
  • We have so many cool games to get to. Nier is a cult classic, and Alex says why. We talk about journeys in Player Unknown Battlegrounds. ARMS is officially good. Scott is still out in Zelda town.
  • We have all the pre-E3 news going on, with Red Dead getting delayed, Far Cry 5 getting fully unveiled, and more rumors. Oh, and Xbox Games Pass is out now!
  • We make some E3 predictions and take YOUR predictions and discuss them too!
  • We took your E3 predictions as questions, so we just focus in on BETS and then throw it out.

Watch the episode:

IrrationalPod Ep. 331 with Nato Johnston



  • Nato Johnston is in town, EA has done their E3 press conference, we are dead-center in the middle of the action, LET’S GOOOO!
  • We get right into games and Nato makes us all a little more Australian. Alex played a bunch of Shovel Knight. Nabeshin is back in the groove… Well, not really, but Persona 5 is still great. Scott and Tony tell us about a little game called Black Desert Online (foreshadowing)
  • We go nuts over EA… Not really, again. We talk about EA and how it seemed like a step up from last year. We go over the news we missed, Nintendo’s Online Service, and make some BETS.
  • After E3 BETS, that’s the show, it’s a banger, we throw it out!

Watch the episode:

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