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Proteus: A Beautiful, Poignant Experience

Let me start of by saying that this is not a review, it’s merely an insight into what I believe is one of the most captivating and enthralling experiences I have ever had. Very few games have completely engaged me as Proteus has; it’s a beautiful unique experience that very few words can describe. Proteus took me into it’s world and showed me how amazing video games can truly be, they can be much more than a form of entertainment, they can convey emotion.

In Proteus, we take on the role of a stranger who awakens in a pool of water to then be thrown into a beautiful world where all you do is walk. That’s right, walk. However, the experience from simply walking around this gorgeous world is one I will never forget, as the world slowly changed from season to season and as the game transitions from day to night, my emotions did with it. I went from feelings of happiness to sadness within the space of a half hour; that’s right Proteus is an extremely short game but it was the perfect length for such a unique experience.

I guess I should mention that Proteus isn’t for everyone. If you don’t like games such as Journey or Dear Esther then I doubt you will be captivated with this game as much as I have been. I loved nothing more than walking around and feeling a part of the world through sight and sound. In Proteus, we are given unique and elegant music to accompany us throughout our journey. Throughout my playthrough, I couldn’t help making comparisons to the Icelandic band Sigur Ros, not just in sound but in the emotions that they bother convey through music.

As I walked around the world listening to the entrancing music, I felt as if I had been playing a dream. It’s living proof that games can suffice as an excellent art form and not just a hobby to keep you busy for a few hours. If there is one thing I’m thankful for, it’s that developers are actually taking chances to produce experiences such as Proteus’.

If you enjoyed Journey, it’s a no-brainer that you should play Proteus immediately. I’d also like to thank you personally for taking the time to read my impressions of Proteus and I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I had writing it.



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