If Found… Preview: Uncovering a Cosmic Coming of Age Story

Atmospheric and dreamlike, If Found… is a narrative driven adventure game where you must erase what’s in front of you to uncover its secrets. Presented through an abstract and surreal pencil sketch style, you go through the diary of a…

Simulacra 2 Makes Social Media An Actual Nightmare

  Listen to this article: Spotify | iTunes | Download – Social media is hell. I say this not as a curmudgeonly old man, but as a mid-twenty something who a big portion of their income to afford actual food…

Sparklite’s Spirit of Adventure

Sparklite looks in itself and finds a really special magic.

Alt-Frequencies Review Discussion

Review Discussions are a new initiative to talk past or beyond a review or in place of a written/video review in a more timely manner. They’re an interview-style discussion hoping to discuss specific aspects of the game in question that…

God of War Review

How does digging up Kratos past hold up?

City of Brass Review

You find yourself in front of a magical portal; something straight out of legend. The Fabled “City of Brass”, where the citizens got so greedy that they began to stockpile gold, exploiting the local genies, who would turn against the…

Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King Review

A Zelda-like adventure for the whole family to enjoy

Three Stories in Breath of the Wild

Alex shares three of his small stories in his first 10 hours with Breath of the Wild.