The Blackout Club Preview

There was a moment when playing  Question’s The Blackout Club, while a terrifying monster sprinted after me and as I propelled myself over a fence and hit the ground, with the pulsating soundtrack vibrating throughout my headphones where I realized…

IrrationalPod Ep. 297 with Shaun Donahue

Let’s talk about Destiny, Comics and Joysticks, and that weird Destiny game. Did I say Destiny already?

IrrationalPod Ep. 296 with Steven Santana

We get Shocked at the terrible, terrible pun that I just made.

The Art of the Video Game: Painting

Youssef joins the IP writing team to discuss video games and their emulation of classic art pieces and movements.

Monthly Passions: November

Zelda? Mario? PS4? Xbox One?! Man, November has been a great month for video games.

The Best of a Generation: Cross-Platform

We look at some of the best games from the past eight years.

Must Play for Halloween: Bioshock

When it comes to horror games, I have a love for them by how much I fear what’s around every corner, but I can never put it down. Even though Dead Space is one of my favorite franchises, Bioshock scared…

Opinion: What Does “$60” Mean Anymore?

Games come out in all different shapes and sizes nowadays, from bite-sized iOS games, to handfuls of downloadable games, and to armfuls of retail games. But does it always really fall into place that easily? Is it really on a…