The Blackout Club Preview

There was a moment when playing  Question’s The Blackout Club, while a terrifying monster sprinted after me and as I propelled myself over a fence and hit the ground, with the pulsating soundtrack vibrating throughout my headphones where I realized…

Travis Strikes Again No More Heroes Preview: A Promising Return

Although this upcoming entry in the No More Heroes series is considered more of a spin off, fans of the previous games can find a lot to enjoy in Travis Strikes Again. The demo I got hands on time with…

Ultimate Chicken Horse Preview: A Silly Multiplayer Classic.

Ultimate Chicken Horse is a frantic, absurd, and wonderful couch co-op game, that while not the deepest experience, is one that will provide countless hours of enjoyment and fun. This game is fun, challenging, and creative at it’s most basic…

Evolve Preview: Three Beasts

Alex, Jacob and Zack all got to play different rolls in Evolve, and here they share their thoughts.

Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon Interview

Hey everyone, Irrational Passions is proud to bring you this interview with Lead Game Designer of EDF: IA Jim Richardson.