Throwback Thursday: The Elder Scrolls: Online

Fluent, as each move determines the next; a constant reminder that death is always near the horizon. The exhaustion courses throughout your body, but seldom does it ever deter you from the mission at hand. Fight or flight, although the…

Player Agency: The Myth and Legend

What is player agency? Are developers doing it right, or are they looking at everything in the wrong light?

Irrational Passions: Our GOTY 2011

Skyrim is quite the game. A momentous game that came on a momentous date with possibly the biggest following of any RPG out there. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is the Irrational Passions Game of the Year for 2011, and…

IrrationalPod 69

The show is a week late because on our hiatus, some people forgot how to upload their tracks.