Input Ep 75: Ellie, OWL, and Gaming’s Problem with Women

Jarrett, Jurge, and Logan are all together for the first episode of the brand new magical year of 2019. The boys come together to talk about the constantly updating, bizarre, and upsetting story of Ellie joining OWL and the ugly…

Input Ep. 69: Thanksgiving Shoutout Episode

All three of the boys came together for this special thanksgiving week episode where they give shoutouts to a series of pieces that they are thankful for. We’d also all collectively like to say how incredibly thankful we are to…

Mad Machines Preview

While walking around the convention center at PAX, I was waved over by a group of developers surrounded by a bunch of PC’s all hooked up, asking if I would like to try their game. I happily accepted and was…

Capcom Pro Tour 2016: July Roundup

Just a week late, but here is the round up to July!

Capcom Pro Tour 2016: The Road To Capcom Cup

Time to break down how this years Capcom Pro Tour will work.