IPP429: Settling into the ~Summer Vibes~, Game Trivia, Sekiro Stories!

The gang gets into Sekiro, Cadence, more games, and some weird trivia and SICK JUMPS.

Judgement Video Review

A string of murders on Yakuza members has the city of Kamurocho on the brink of gang warfare. Takayuki Yagami, a disgraced lawyer turned private detective is now swept up in the murder cases leading him into the path of…

IPP428: The Top 10 Headlines from E3 2019

This week recounts E3 with the biggest headlines, with big talks about Breath of the Wild 2, Scarlett, and Final Fantasy 7! Oh, and we get kind of into it when trying to settle some bets.

IPP427: E3 Betting Special!

Its E3 season and it’s poisoned Alex’s brain and now everything is about BETS.

IPP426: E3 2019 Predictions! Modern Warfare! Death Stranding!

It’s that Pre-E3 season and the love of video games is in the air. This week the hosts talk predictions, Death Stranding, and more.

Gato Roboto Review

Should cats be given weapons of mass destruction in the form of a mech suit? Gato Roboto doesn’t necessarily answer that question, but makes a case for why it’s fun at least. Gato Roboto is a metroidvania leaning its inspirations…

IPP425: E3 Approaching, From Software’s new game, and Nioh 2

In this week’s show Quin joins the fellas to find out what’s so great about Persona 5, talk about Infamous, and speculate on the newly rumored FromSoftware/George RR Martin title announcing at E3.

Indie Highlights May 2019: FAR: Lone Sails, Aggelos, Eastshade

Indie Highlights is a video series where we’ll highlight awesome Indie games we’re playing or you might have missed and are worth checking out. These are our picks for May 2019! Edited by: Mike Burgess (@MikeIP_)

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Review

Sekiro is a masterful action game, and maybe the best game FromSoftware has made yet.

Observation Review

You can immediately feel the loneliness of space in Observation. It’s quiet, bleak atmosphere had me on edge the moment I panned a camera. This sci-fi thriller is all seen through the lens of a space station computer system, S.A.M.…

IPP424: Sony & Microsoft are friends! RAGE 2 is a video game!

This week Jurge joins the gang (minus Scott because of Finals) to talk Rage 2, more Black Desert, Sony and Microsoft’s cloud venture, and ads for classic PS1 titles.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Review Discussion

Scott picks Alex’s brain on his glowing thoughts of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.