Tales of Vesperia 10 Years Later

In this critical feature, Alex tales about the return of one of his favorite games with additional content.

IPP411: Kingdom Hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts 3 is finally out. Everyone breath a sigh of relief: we’re here to talk about it.

Raccoon City Radio 02: The Police Station

It’s time to take the first steps into fear.

Input Ep. 77: An Update on the Epic Games Store

It has been a month since Epic launched it’s PC games marketplace, and boy they have been making some moves since then. Because of that Jarrett and Jurge sit down to review some of the news in that past month…

Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes Video Review

After 9 years the legendary assassin Travis Touchdown returns in the aptly named Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes. With his trusty beam katana in hand you embark on another wild, overly stylish and ridiculous action game from the mind…

IPP409: New Year, New Us, Bungie Leaves Activision, and VESPERIA!

Back from holidays, back from games of the year, back to games!

Raccoon City Radio 01: The One-Shot Demo

The first episode of a limited-run Resident Evil 2 podcast!

Alex O’Neill’s Games of the Year

Get your feels ready, because you know I’m bringing it.

Mike Burgess’ Games of the Year

Honorable Mention/ Games I liked but didn’t finish in time: Dragon Quest XI I’m currently sitting at the 60-hour mark on DQXI at the time of writing this. I love a lot of it, however, Dragon Quest XI wears its…

IPP407: Holiday Special!

Grab some hot cocoa and enjoy some video games in this Irrational Passions Podcast Holiday Special!

IPP406: Smashing, Awarding, and Holidays!

We dig into the holiday feels, and finally talk all about Smash Bros.

Gris Review

With abstract landscapes and uplifting melodies, Gris from Nomada Studios triumphs in bringing a new world to life through the use of colors and the voice of a courageous young woman looking for answers. Gris is a 2D puzzle platformer…