Murdered: Soul Suspect Preview

Murdered: Soul Suspect is a supernatural murder mystery with noir-ish undertones. It sounds like a crazy concept, and for many like me, a crazy cool concept. After some time with the game, I came away less than satisfied. The game…

Jacob’s Favorite Soundtrack: Alan Wake

Alan Wake is a very special game for me.  I had just recently lost my grandma by the time I could get my hands on the game. We were very close and my very rational response to losing her was…

Jacob Bryant’s Top 10 of 2013

Jacob’s list of top games in 2013.

Are Games Announced Too Early?

Why are games announced so early, only to be delayed?

Jacob’s Top 5 Scariest Games

In the spirit of Halloween, what better way than to go over some of the games, and moments, that crippled me with fear?

GTA: Online Impressions

GTA: Online had a rocky start. This is my experience.

IrrationalPod Ep. 149

This is our GTA V centric podcast with tons of great discussion!

IrrationalPod Ep. 148

Now that IP is finally caught up on Podcast Episodes, we can record some more!

The Importance of Visual Identity

How important is a game’s visual identity?

Are Casual Gamers Getting What They Want?

Whether or not people like to admit it video games are growing up. Especially in this last generation games have been maturing quickly and with it games that blend fluid gameplay with a story that has something to say or…

E3 2013 Live Blog and Commentary

Yes, it is time for our annual E3 celebration, which we celebrate as only we can.

Irrational Passions Dump Coming!

Sorry about the complete lack of podcast for the past two weeks! There were some editing hiccups, then I went on vacation and couldn’t fix the last show we did before Christmas, then we recorded a helluva lot of Game…