Professor RPG: The Alliance Alive Basics Primer

Welcome students, Professor RPG here! Need help understanding the Equipment Fusion system in Tales of Zestiria? Perhaps you would like a more deep dive into the history of Ivalice?  What in the world does the Intelligence stat do in that…

The Alliance Alive Review

Switch be damned, there is still life in the Nintendo 3DS!  The Alliance Alive proves that the 3DS is alive and kicking (see what I did there?).  Developed by Cattle Call and published by Atlus, this game adopts and refines…

Yakuza 6 Impressions: My First Time in Kamurocho

Yakuza 6 just so happens to be my first trip to the Yakuza world, and it’s been an incredibly enlightening experience.

Professor RPG – Xenoblade Chronicles 2 BLADE Basics

A new column from Scott White breaking down systems and history of your soon-to-be favorite RPGs.

Monthly Passions: October 2014

Another month, another set of games. We are in fall now, so the big games are finally coming out. Here’s what we’ve got.