IrrationalPod Ep. 396

It’s a podcast all about Destiny… And League, and Valkyria Chronicles, and Soul Caliber and Xbox and more. Cheers!

Input Ep. 56: Toxic Culture at Riot Games

On this episode of Input, Jarrett and Jurge discuss Cecilia D’Anastasio latest investigative piece on the culture at Riot Games. Works Discussed:   Inside The Culture Of Sexism At Riot Games – C. D’Anastasio   Shout Outs Prey‘s Director On The…

IrrationalPod Ep. 384

We get back in the swing of things after all the trips are over!

IrrationalPod Ep. 377

Another week, another podcast. This time with GOATs in it.

Input Ep. 24: Tyler1 Returns, AGDQ Faces Hitches, Steve Butts Gone from IGN

An unbanning makes waves, Twitch chats are cesspools, and Steve Butts is out as EIC of IGN. Discussion Topics: Tyler1 returns to League after Riot lifts his ban. AGDQ (and basically any broadcast via Twitch) was bombarded by aggressive chat…

IrrationalPod Ep. 54

Its a lonely, short, Alexless show this week. Its gonna be a fun listen in Episode 54!