The Legend of Heroes : Trails of Cold Steel 2 -Relentless Edition Review

*Note: There will be spoilers for the first Trails of Cold Steel game, so be sure to finish that first before reading this! As an abridged review, this game is amazing and so is the first. Don’t do yourself a…

IPP429: Settling into the ~Summer Vibes~, Game Trivia, Sekiro Stories!

The gang gets into Sekiro, Cadence, more games, and some weird trivia and SICK JUMPS.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel Review

Combat is turn-based and takes place in an arena which you can spend a turn moving around. Take the Materia system from Final Fantasy VII, mix in the social dynamics and interaction from the later Persona titles, a cast of…

Editorial: Who Really Took E3 2017?

Alex gives his two cents on how he felt the big three did at E3, from what they showed, to what they didn’t.

The Quiet Moments of Games: Naughty Dog and Storytelling

Logan Wilkinson arrives to discuss Naughty Dog’s mastery of quite storytelling.

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Alex recounts growing up with some of the best video game consoles to date.

The Real Next Gen

The United States is aflame with Next-Gen fever this month. People are lining up to be the first through the threshold of the new console generation, and in our excitement we are letting ourselves be blinded. Or at the very…

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We look at some of the best games from the past eight years.

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To say that we at Irrational Passions love games is to speak in grave understatement. Here are our favorites from Sony’s Playstation 3.

Must Play for Halloween: Bioshock

When it comes to horror games, I have a love for them by how much I fear what’s around every corner, but I can never put it down. Even though Dead Space is one of my favorite franchises, Bioshock scared…

Keeping Survival Horror Games Alive!

Lately, the survival horror genre has been defining its gameplay to just that, surviving. Sure, stomping a necromorph’s head in Dead Space may be fun, but nothing screams horror like being chased around, defenseless.