Operation: Tango Review – A Cooperative Spy Thriller

Intercepting nefarious hackers, attending clandestine meetings, and taking down corrupt corporations are all in a day’s work for super spies. In Operation: Tango, you and a friend will have to fill those same shoes in this stylish asymmetrical co-operative adventure…

Ys IX: Monstrum Nox Review – Adol the Red is Back!

Adol and his blue-haired pal Dogi are back, and this time there are no boats or amnesia in-sight. Instead, Adol just finds himself in chains and a prison cell. Set in the fortress-turned-prison city of Balduq in Gllia, Ys IX:…

Destiny 2 Beyond Light Review

Destiny 2’s latest expansion, Beyond Light, finally brings the Darkness to the forefront to tempt you with new powers and abilities to master. Alongside that, it brings stories of redemption, revenge, and a dark future for humanity to face. While…

IPP473: 10 Years of Irrational Passions

It’s been 10 years and somehow we’re all still friends and we talk about video games, so we’re doing something right.

IPP443: We talk about PlayStation 5, Shadowkeep two weeks in, and Elden Ring Possibilities

In this week’s episode, Alex, Scott, and Tony dive into what the PlayStation 5 may be and how it’s being handled, and also reminisce on the Souls games and From Software.

IPP420: PlayStation 5, Joker in Smash, and Your Silly Questions

The boys are back together to get lit, blaze it, talk games, be cool, and some other inappropriate reference when talking about Top 50 Games, PS5, and silly, silly questions.