Narcosis Review

The base of the ocean is large and brimming with life, but it’s an ecosystem we don’t frequent as people, at least I’m certainly not taking trips down there. Because of that much, it can at times feel like a…

1979 Revolution: Black Friday Review

1979 Revolution: Black Friday is a game which thrusts you into the middle of a troubled Iran. Developer iNK Stories have crafted a tale which is as immersive as it is true, and the game serves as a documentary at…

Detroit: Become Human Review

Detroit: Become Human proposes to take narrative focused choose your own adventure games in new directions. How successful it is at balancing its heady, serious, and emotionally charged issues is ultimately up to each individual player. I think it largely…

God of War Review

How does digging up Kratos past hold up?

Florence Review

There’s something perfect in the unspoken beauty of two people just connecting in a shared, wordless, dialogue free moment. Coming together and without uttering a sound; laughing, crying, and communicating all their own with a language and a knowledge all…

Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King Review

A Zelda-like adventure for the whole family to enjoy

ODOS: Risk of Rain

Rogue-like mix-ups.

IrrationalPod Ep. 67

This time we have one less but way more…Whatever that means.

Swarm: Nega-Review

So there is a little problem with the Swarm review. The problem is, I can’t exactly review it. There is a big glitch in the Xbox360 version of the game that is pretty much preventing me from completing the game.

Torchlight Review

Torchlight ~Joseph Torchlight a dungeon crawler that released in 2009 on the PC, and is finally having a go on consoles with its release on the Xbox 360. It’ll be available March 9th at around 1200 MS Points.

Review Format Update

We’re always updating what we do, trying to stay up to date, so now we’re updating our review format! Look past the break for more.

New Partnership with Slim Gamer

Hey Irrationalites! So this is Alex here, and I wanted to tell you about a partnership Irrational Passions has set up with our friends over at Slim Gamer. Check out the details after the break.