Shovel Knight: King of Cards Preview

Losing the only thing you know is devastating and can upset your world, making you question the place you held. This is the premise in the next add-on for Yacht Club Games’ Shovel Knight. You play as King Knight, the…

2014 “Half-Year” Game of the Year

Let’s see what the team considers the best game of 2014, so far.

Monthly Passions: June 2014

Japanese crazy, alphas, and shovels. A good month in June.

IrrationalPod Ep. 185

Video games! Except not really, happy belated birthday America.

IP Interviews: Yacht Club Games

Evan and I sat down with Ian and Erin from Yacht Club Games to discuss their latest product: Shovel Knight!

PAX East 2013: Shovel Knight Preview

So as I have said in the past that the Indie Mega Booth is my favorite part of PAX, and again it stands as the victor again this year. My current favorite game of PAX is a little indie gem…