SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays Review

With its first release back in January of 1988, the long-running strategy series of SD Gundam has finally made its triumphant official debut in the west with SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays on Steam. In the convening 30+ years,…

Sparklite’s Spirit of Adventure

Sparklite looks in itself and finds a really special magic.

Link’s Awakening and the Death of Your Childhood

Koholint is just full of dreams.

Digimon Cyber Sleuth Complete Edition is a Great Example of How Game Collections on Switch Should Be Done

The Nintendo Switch is no stranger to the video game collections market. With the likes of Final Fantasy X / X-2, Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1+2, Mega Man Legacy Collection 1+2, already on the system, I am thrilled to…

Killer Queen Black Review

My history with the Killer Queen property really only began about a year and a half ago, when the legends over at Kinda Funny Games went crazy because of a Twitter profile pic change. After hearing their hyping up of…

IPP441: Link’s Awakening still has it, Shadowkeep is coming, River City Girls is something special!

The whole main crew is reunited after a couple of long weeks, a week off, and plenty of games. They get into River City Girls, back in Clash of Clans, revisiting Link’s Awakening, and what Zelda remakes will happen next!

Creature in the Well Review

Creature in the Well coins what it means to be a pin-brawler.

My Return to Terraria

Back in 2011, a hot new crafting and exploration game started to spread across the interwebs. Adopting a 16-bit style, Terraria gave players a more action and adventure take on a genre that began in 2009 with its more blocky…

IPP432: Summer Vibes Part 3 – Too Hot For Games

Logan gets worked up on Assassin’s Creed stories this week, as the summer continues, and Nabeshin makes us miss him.

Stranger Things Season 3: The Game Review

The third season of the Duffer brothers and Netflix’s original series Stranger Things was one that not only further developed beloved characters, but also took risks in embracing its horror themes to deliver a story as good, if not better,…

IPP426: E3 2019 Predictions! Modern Warfare! Death Stranding!

It’s that Pre-E3 season and the love of video games is in the air. This week the hosts talk predictions, Death Stranding, and more.

The Messenger Picnic Panic DLC Video Preview with Alex & Moises

The Messenger from 2018 is getting DLC! New levels and bosses to fight! Alex is joined by Moises Taveras from OkBeast to talk about the demo they played at Pax as well as some stuff the devs showed to them…