Cuphead Interview: The Truth About Mugman

Alex and Jarrett got to sit down with Tyler Moldenhauer from Studio MDHR to talk about Cuphead and its release on Switch!

Control Video Preview with Alex & Mike

Alex and Mike got hands on time with Control the lastest game from Remedy studios during Pax East 2019! The 2 discuss their thoughts on the demo on the show floor and hopes for the final version of the game

Opinion: EA is Anthem’s Worst Enemy

I’ve put close to 30 hours into Anthem. I’m one level away from unlocking the fourth Javelin suit and have started the end game grind to get “the best loot”, I can’t stop thinking about this game for a lot…

Kingdom Hearts 3 SPOILERCAST

The moment has arrived! Kingdom Hearts 3 finally released and we’ve all played it an unhealthy amount! Join Alex, Mike, Scott and Justin as they talk everything Kingdom Hearts 3

Hyper Jam Review

    Studio Bit Dragon has nailed the frantic, fast-paced gameplay of an arcade-style twin-stick arena brawler with their new game, Hyper Jam. It gives me nostalgic butterflies, from being in the arcade playing games like Smash TV. Hyper Jam…

Kingdom Hearts III Review

Does the finale to this story hold up? I’d say so.

Tales of Vesperia 10 Years Later

In this critical feature, Alex tales about the return of one of his favorite games with additional content.

Victor Vran: Overkill Edition

There are whispers on the wind that your fellow hunters have been called to a besieged city only to never return. That demons, monsters, and creatures that send shivers down your spine have ransacked and terrorized those still holed up…

Toejam & Earl Back in the Groove Video Preview

Video Producer Mike Burgess got hands on time with Toejam & Earl Back in the Groove from Humanature Studios during PAX West 2018. Here’s a quick video that sums up his impressions of the the demo he played. Follow Mike…

Devil May Cry 5 Preview

When Hideki Itsuno took the stage this year at E3 2018 and revealed that Devil May Cry was back I honestly was skeptical. Devil May Cry 4 was not my favorite of the series and while DmC was better than…

Flipping Death Review

Have you ever wondered what life would be like in the afterlife? Flipping Death tries to give you an idea of what a day in the life of Death might be like in this 2D puzzle platforming adventure game. Flipping…

Indie Highlights Ep.1 Fossil Hunters, The Mooseman, Earthfall

Indie Highlights is a video series where we’ll highlight awesome Indie games we’re playing or you might have missed and are worth checking out! Games and Platforms played on/footage was captured from: 1) Fossil Hunters played on Nintendo Switch (Also…