Mighty Goose Review – Hell hath no fury like an angry goose

Geese are angry creatures, sometimes scary creatures. Mighty Goose, from developer BlastMode, asks the question: if you gave a goose a power suit, some guns, and a tank, could they save the universe? Spoilers, yes, yes they could. As an…

Operation: Tango Review – A Cooperative Spy Thriller

Intercepting nefarious hackers, attending clandestine meetings, and taking down corrupt corporations are all in a day’s work for super spies. In Operation: Tango, you and a friend will have to fill those same shoes in this stylish asymmetrical co-operative adventure…

Destiny 2 Beyond Light Review

Destiny 2’s latest expansion, Beyond Light, finally brings the Darkness to the forefront to tempt you with new powers and abilities to master. Alongside that, it brings stories of redemption, revenge, and a dark future for humanity to face. While…

IPP465: Digging into Graveyard Keeper; Hunting Down Foes in Predator

This week is all about getting back to basics, like not hitting “GO LIVE” on the stream and having to scramble to recover the podcast and then lazily not edit it for five days.

Anyway it’s a good episode we talk about stuff!

Fireside Chats: What Next Gen Looks Like Now

It’s been a many few weird months since January and the prospect of Next Gen first came together. Alex and Nabeshin sit down again, this time in a post Coronavirus, post spec reveal, we talk about what could be coming…

IPP459: Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Ori & The Will of the Wisps, PAX Final Thoughts

Jarrett jumps on the show to talk PAX East, our Panel, embargoed games, and more!

IPP457: Keighley Leaving E3, Project XCloud Impressions, and Anime

When Nabeshin is often being a birthday boy, Tony, Alex, and Scott get up to shenanigans with E3 speculation, XCloud talk, and weird anime games.

IPP450: Emotions in Life is Strange 2 and a Series X Conversation About The Game Awards

The crew gets reflective with Alex discussing Life is Strange 2, revisiting Path of Exile, and how The Game Awards landed.

Shovel Knight: King of Cards Review

I doubt backers expected back in March of 2013 that the retro-inspired Shovel Knight game they were investing in would continue to expand and grow for so long. The fact that this game has done so, and is now concluding…

Video Game Book Club: Vanquish – Episode 2

Every other week, members of Irrational Passions will play through a new game. From modern to retro, obscure to popular, games we’ve played and those we haven’t, we will be hitting checkpoints as we go, sharing our experiences. Play along…

Creature in the Well Review

Creature in the Well coins what it means to be a pin-brawler.

IPP437: The End of Summer, feat. Creature in the Well, and Gears 5 May Be a Bummer

This week we miss Tony and our editor side are missing, but we reflect on where Gears of War is headed, some old and new games, and Gamescom news!