Sparklite’s Spirit of Adventure

Sparklite looks in itself and finds a really special magic.

Link’s Awakening and the Death of Your Childhood

Koholint is just full of dreams.

IPP441: Link’s Awakening still has it, Shadowkeep is coming, River City Girls is something special!

The whole main crew is reunited after a couple of long weeks, a week off, and plenty of games. They get into River City Girls, back in Clash of Clans, revisiting Link’s Awakening, and what Zelda remakes will happen next!

IPP428: The Top 10 Headlines from E3 2019

This week recounts E3 with the biggest headlines, with big talks about Breath of the Wild 2, Scarlett, and Final Fantasy 7! Oh, and we get kind of into it when trying to settle some bets.

Tunic Preview: A Colorful, Mysterious Adventure

Published by Finji and developed by Diecy, Tunic is a bright action-adventure game with Zelda-like motifs that I was really excited to finally get hands on time with at Pax East 2018. Visually, Tunic has a glow to it. Its colors…

Below Preview: Surviving All These Years

The last time I played Below was almost four years ago. PAX East 2014 was the first time it was playable, and as Capybara Games has always made odd, specific games that appeal to me almost on a frighteningly direct…

Randomizers: The best thing to happen to the emulation scene

The concept and execution of playing old console/handheld video games on more recent systems or your computer is nothing new.  Emulators (the programs that allows this to happen) and ROMs (the game files themselves) have been around for almost two…

Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King Review

A Zelda-like adventure for the whole family to enjoy

Alex O’Neill’s Top 10 Games of 2017

Alex shares his favorite games from 2017.

IrrationalPod Ep. 321 with Dustin Furman

We dive all the way in on Zelda and Mass Effect with special guest: Dustin Furman!

Hob Preview: Going Back Underground

My second trip to Hob’s underground was even more interesting than the one before.

Songbringer Preview: Let’s Get Trippy

Eat some cactus, have some peyote, and let’s get weird.