IP ExtraLife2015

We’re Back Again.

It’s our 6th annual ExtraLife! We are bringing the love for Children’s Miracle Network, as always.

This year we are going all out with a 720p 60fps production, which just means it’s going to (hopefully) look better and sound better than it ever has before! We are getting the team of Myself (Alex), Scott, Evan, Tony, Greg, Joseph, John (Plankfan), Trollware, and Justin (TheSigmaOmega) back together to play games for 24 hours to raise money for Child’s Play Charity!

Let’s not forget what this is for:

Each of us are working to support the Children’s Miracle Network of Hospitals where thousands of children are treated each year, regardless of their family’s ability to pay. These kids are facing horrible situations brought on by cancer, cystic fibrosis, and injuries from accidents to name just a few.

Here is some information you should know if you’re donating:

Your donation is tax-deductible and ALL PROCEEDS go to help kids.

To support us, just go TO THIS PAGE and click the SUPPORT ME button! Please!

Thank you, and wish us luck!


Want us to play something, either WITH you or FOR you? Donate and request it when you do!

We have special plans for our annual live stream that will be event-filled and a party as always, and we will reveal those details as they develop. Until then, subscribe to our Twitch channel and stay tuned!


Now this is important: we will be running two ExtraLife streams almost back to back!

On Friday night, before ExtraLife, Nov. 6th, we’ll get up to some live shenanigans on the Twitch page to test some things out. Don’t worry, that won’t be serious at all.

First will our main stream starting on the day of ExtraLife, Nov. 7th at 10am Eastern Standard Time!

THEN Nabeshin will pick things up at 10am EST on Nov. 8th, as we tuck ourselves in for bed! You can support him HEREtinyurl.com/NabeEXLife

Click here to support Nabeshin’s ExtraLife!

Our officially ExtraLife Stream starts at 10am Eastern Time on Saturday Morning, November 7th.


Here are some EVENTS we have planned for this year’s ExtraLife:

  • JackBox Party with IP – come play some JackBox games with us from Party Pack 2!
  • My First Fall – I’m going to play King’s Fall for the first time, on ExtraLife, on stream! Be one of my buddies?
  • Keep Talking and Maybe We’ll Die Slower – We break into Keep Talking & Nobody Explodes and probably fail miserably!
  • Until Dawn, until dawn – We dive into the horror of Until Dawn in the darkest hours of the evening, one person playing each character, and see who survives, until actual dawn breaks
  • Trust and Betrayal – We’re going to play Avalon until we kill each other (maybe)
  • And maybe some more surprises! Like Mario Maker, Rock Band, and more!

Watch live video from IrrationalPassions on www.twitch.tv