Welcome to Feyrelia! A mysterious and magical world, created and managed by Dungeon Master Auri O’Neill! Join his cast of players, helmed by Tony Horvath, Jazz Foster, Scott White, and Topher Edwards as they explore and adventure in a totally new magical world!

We are playing 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons, with some modified rules, on an ”actual-play” basis!

IP D&D  releases monthly!

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It begins!

A dark and mysterious voice narrates our introduction to a new world, Feyrelia, on the continent of Xevia, a magical place cut off from the reaches of the world for hundreds of years, a new era is beginning.

Welcome to the first episode of Irrational Passions’ official actual-play Dungeons & Dragons show! Join Auri, the DM, and his four players on their new journey into mystery!

Don’t forget to listen to the intro episode for all the set up and context you may need!

Welcome back!

Our heroes, under the tutelage of new and old heroes alike, travel into the dangerous depths of a Magistrate’s Dungeon!

What will our heroes find in its depths?

Don’t forget to listen to the intro episode for all the set up and context you may need!

Our travelers have met with a mysterious fate!

Stepping into an unfamiliar realm, our Dungeon Master sits down with each individual character to explore their stories. Still uncertain of their fate in regards to Silverhead, their new friends Soth and Celestin, and the uncertain ally Ana, what might happen in this magical place?

I hope you enjoy the twists the story takes as things finally start getting wild!

**New intro text!

Welcome back to IP D&D, a monthly actual-play dungeons and dragons podcast hosted & DM’d by Auri O’Neill, featuring

Jazz Foster as Korthiski, the Lizardfolk Ranger

Scott White as Kain Glimstride, the Dragonborn Fighter

Tony Horvath as Adovin, the half-elven Sorcerer

Topher Edwards as Khas Tural Kesla, the human Barbarian

This week is the final chapter of our heroes’ prologue. After discovering magic unknown to them, finding themselves caught up in secrets of the world, they set course for Allsummer, the capital of this new age. Along the way we get loot, we get answers, and find new heroes.

This episode, our Gang of Four becomes a Gang of Five when a new would-be adventurer joins the team, on a very high up recommendation. Lucius steps into the party as they set out on their first adventure as official heroes of the continent.

With options to choose from, a new member to haze, and plenty of trouble in the world, the story begins… now!

This month the gang goes on an adventure to stop monsters from terrorizing the local towns, but on the trip meet a mysterious Bard, a dark sleeping curse, and potentially a new connection to the marks many of them have received.

Will they be safe, or will they be lost in a nightmare forever?

This month the adventuring crew has found themselves in the realm of unknown magic, using words from a mysterious traveler’s book to enter the dream of what seems to be a cursed woman. With a terrible nightmare at the center of this distorted dreamworld, a new shape takes form in the party’s Barbarian, while Lucius has to protect his new friends from more vicious monsters, as the mystery of what happened to Pinesella unfolds.

This month our party follows up on the mystery of the sleepless town, finding themselves both more answers and more questions. Lucius has a strange encounter with a familiar creature, while the party tries to tie up the loose ends of their rampaging monster hunt. When searching for closure, they find themselves in another dangerous situation, this time with a pair of very interesting travelers.

This month our party has gotten themselves from one mystery to another, within the logging town of Dotemer. People acting odd, and two strange travelers stepping into the group, can our heroes solve what is plaguing this town before it finds them?

This month our party helps reconnect back together and save Adoven while trying to solve what is happening in the village of Dotemer. A danger seems to fill the air as they investigate where the seemingly-controlled villagers of the town have wondered, and where the source of danger may be coming from.

The party has found the secret underneath Dotemer… and it is horrifying. The team decides to put their best foot forward and put an end to the terror that is plaguing this small town in the dark cave beneath the sawmill.

A grueling battle with blood spilled, the party examines the cave corroded by flesh. What exactly happened after this monster came to this village? Answers come in fits and spurts as the party investigates in the aftermath of their battle. Things seemed to have calmed down, and there are a lot of treasures to sort through!

Our heroes have survived, have saved, and yet, the victory seems hollow as they collect their things and begin the journey home. The past lingers heavily on some of them as they finally take a breath after this first journey together.

Our heroes come back to the city of Allsummers as victorious of their first outing as a team. The five of them take some time to rest, and reflect on all that has happened…

After a brief rest, our heroes are needed again. The world has changed a lot in eight years, and some form of union needs to be made for the Continent of Xevia. The party of five are tasked with aiding the formation of a conference of leaders. The five do some quick shopping, and begin their journey north, where a new and unknown journey awaits.