30XX ‘Abyssal Armory’ Update Preview

I haven’t been shy about my love for Batterystaple Games action platformer roguelike 30XX. I gave it my Game of The Show and PAX East 2020 and sitting down and speaking with the games creator remains one of my favorite…

30XX Impressions – Jump’n and Shoot’n Still Feels Great In This Roguelike Sequal!

Battery Staple games were released 20XX back in 2014. This game took the historic gameplay of Capcom’s legendary Mega Man X franchise and infused it with the rogue-like genre’s essence. The result was an incredibly fun action platformer roguelike that…

Opinion: A Game’s Greatest Weakness

New contributor Elliott discusses the biggest fault in the video games industry.

Monthly Passions: August 2015

Almost a month late, but hey, we got games to talk about and play!